🗨 Status Report II: What's Up With You?

A continuation in which we give spontaneous accounts of ourselves…

For Earth Day (today - April 22), a new full-length documentary on YouTube produced by Michael Moore, directed by Jeff Gibbs: “Planet of Humans.”
But this is no feel-good postcard of bunnies and flowers. It is a more-than-sobering look at what effect “green energy” really has, and the massive amounts of illusion we all share about how it is going to save us. Not gonna happen people without massive and drastic planetary change.

Meanwhile, I am quarantined out in rural northern California watching the United States of America fall to pieces in what has been characterized as “the greatest failure of leadership in American history.”

And anyone who wants to go “deep green” absolutely needs to calibrate off of what this film reveals. This film looks at the whole cycle and shows how all the green energy efforts still depend on fossil fuel to get created and to function as designed. So how deep is deep when it comes to sustainability? Of course there are incremental steps that are valid and virtuous. But increments are not keeping up.

Guys! I just found the true purpose of Facebook!


Not to harp on it too much, but this article lays things out pretty well.

Is anyone doing more cooking and baking than usual? I see this as a definite trend based on what my Facebook friends are saying and the fact that the baking stuff is usually depleted at my local grocery store. I wonder if it is more than just finding ways to take up the time. Rather, perhaps it is a way of getting oneself closer to the basic acts of living. Just like how we collectively see that people doing very basic support work in society, often for low pay, are among the real necessary workers along with health care. Health, food, shelter - one way to get in synch with those rhythms is to prepare food more consciously and deliberately - like baking bread. I have seen more home baked bread pics than dog or cat pics in the past few days.

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oh yes. And eating. Up until last week when the fridge broke down :scream:

My hot water heater broke yesterday. Waiting for the part to arrive in the mail.

im strangely comforted by this piece of weirdness

how’s your fasting going @jasen_lakic :smiling_imp:

That can’t be true :slight_smile:. Putting names in ’ ’ certainly makes it very misleading.

Done, ate meat twice already! :wink:

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after getting over obsessing about the failed impeachment trial (no surprise, of course) and dropping FB (at least from my phone), I found myself in covid-19 land and got all caught up in another open science group! Currently making efforts to have a new ‘detection’ kit developed soon, for all to try.
Just about to reach Day0, when my controls for the actual virus come in to test (but already did a little at Hackuarium about seeing cellular RNAs with the method… and our ‘sister’ project has some results already too…)
If you want to learn more, please see this: https://app.jogl.io/project/181

nice to ‘see’ you guys again!
keep well !!


Hey @rachel :slight_smile: Nice to hear 1) you dropped FB 2) you have not been driven stark raving mad by the impeachment circus 3) Wait, what? a diy testkit? Isn’t this something we were discussing at some point @alberto and @markomanka ?

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At 4’21’’ :slight_smile:



Also - screw Yoga. As soon as this effin confinement is over I am headed straight to a dance studio.

actually, fb is only off my phone - I am still in, with public and friend sides and also Hackuarium and AGiR! (genomicintegrity.org) pages. shame shame, I know…
but maybe sometimes I get someone to think (or get good chocolates) or whatever.

the #CoronaDetective should be put together within 2 months for initial distribution, we hope - sets of tubes with dried reagents that you add buffer and your sample to, put in warm water for about 20min and ‘read’ with fluorescence (like the GMO Detective). Partners as far away as Chile and Cameroon will validate it goes well through the normal mail (no cold chain needed, even though it is a DNA amplification method).

Hard to image how much different life was, when I only obsessed about the impeachment. Haven’t started Mage yet - still need to finish Blowout (by another Rachel - Maddow).

Oh man that sounds so interesting - would you be up for being interviewed about it? I think it would cheer a lot of people up to hear about SOMETHING nice in relation to this awful mess…