Staying at unMonastery - House Habits

At unMonastery we are working together as a group to establish a new model for co-living and co-working, which borrows from the history of the monastery as an organisational form. The unMonastery is an experiment at the edges of dominant economic structures. We share our skills and ideas. You share what you have.

un·Mon·as·ter·y (un-mŏn′ə-stĕr′ē) n. pl. un·mon·as·ter·ies

  1. The place in which we gather.
  2. A group that comes together to collaborate on shared social challenges.
  3. A prototype that is redefined in each iteration by its participants, context and it’s outcomes.
  4. The beginning of something different.

Presentation, workshop or skillshare: We are interested in your skills and ideas- you are invited to give a presentation, workshop or skillshare while at unMonastery. This can be either small and in-house, or a larger public event- let us know what you like.

Everyone helps with cooking: sign up for cooking slots on the kitchen calendar.

Everyone helps with cleaning: feel free to clean when and where you like. We will announce broom days when needed.

unMonks share costs of food, (as for today ~7€/day for food and house supplies): Anyone staying longer than a week is expected to cover this amount, if you’re staying for less time the contribution is made at your own discretion. It works out at about €200 a month. During pilot session most of the unMonks received €400 stipend from which they could cover their share of expenses.

Fixed Meetings: Every Monday at 9am the unMonasterians hold a general planning meeting, anyone is welcome to join, however fun is not a guarantee.

Weekly Check in: After the Monday morning planning meeting (10:30am) we have short check-in for everyone in residence.

Urgent Gatherings: If at any time someone feels the need to bring an issue to the surface or there is some sort of crisis afoot which requires everyone to come together to discuss - all residents are free to call an ‘Urgent Gathering’. This privilege should never be abused.

Respect the sleep of others.

Morning bell - at 7am the bell is rung: You don’t have to get up but it’s always good to start the day early.

Opening and Closing Circles: At unMonastery we gather to share our thoughts in a circle usually in either the morning or evening. Anyone can call for a circle, all are encouraged to attend.

Drinking Policy: At unMonastery the general rule is maximum 3 evenings of soft drugs a week, no excessive drinking of alcohol or smoking of marijuana during the week.