Staying in Brussels during the consortium meeting: hotels, BN&Bs etc

Please add/edit to make it easier for fellow OpenCarers to find nice accommodation.

All the action is in Saint-Gilles. SmartBe, the LOTE5 venue is in Rue Emile Feron 70, very close to the Gare du Midi (map). Gare du Midi will most likely be your gateway to the city: trains and buses from the airports end up here. The closest neighborhoods are St.Gilles, Anderlecht and Forest.

We will end up spending a lot of time in SmartBe, so it is advised people stay in the neighbourhood. However, even if you prefer to stay elsewhere, Gare du Midi is a major transport hub, so chances are you can get her with a short taxi ride or just one metro line, tram or bus.

I (Alberto) do not have much experience of staying in hotels in Brussels. Before we moved here we used rather Airbnb. A safe bet for a hotel is the Park Inn by Radisson, right in front of the Gare du Midi. It’s a six minutes walk to the venue.