Steffen Günther reflecting on the collaborathon

What are you taking away from the collaborathon? What are you learning?

What is the person who is speaking saying? Please try to write every word – sometimes a single word can unlock a lot of thoughts!

Answer here.

it’s a very good idea and constructive environment to cocreate and gain different perspectives. Enriching experience

what are you learning?

to think bigger, and focus on the amazing feeling of having already solved what I want to solve, therefore gaining inspiration and momentum to progress

Where does it go from here? How do you want to continue? What are you curious to explore next?

taking explicit action. I wanna create a platform for people to be able to tune into live sonifications of planetary motion.
create tools to tune your music to whatever frequency you like so we have more musicians be able to do it.
create threedimensional version of lamdoma

what is the use of this program?

to make ratios/relations into numbers feelable and tangible to bring abstract ideas into the experienceable realm

realise scientific way of thinking spiritually

Learn to formulate it clearly and being able to put it out to the public. Creating concrete forms of applications