Stop the earth trembles

While I’m writing this new post the italian earth still trembles…!!!

In the Emilia Romagna Region, in the nordth of the Italy, are very bad moments. Continuous tremors terrorize all the people and all the Italy are trying to help this piece of land. But the question is: “how they are trying to help them?!”

I’m an expert of this situation, because as a voluntary I did the Molise earthquake and Abruzzo eartquake and I saw many problemes during this moments and I would to speak here and in the conference in june (if is possible… :D) to think a way to emprove the situation during this bad moment…

I understand about my experience that one problem of the people is that they lose all the comunication with the rest of the word. many people try to call the friends and parents immediatly after the first tremor and so all the lines are overload. Then after two or three hours all the mobile are dead and so everything need to recharge the mobile and so they need of the electrician.

Then many people call and ask all and nothing because at the beggining there is a lot of panic and confusion… who ask an house, who ask a bed, who ask to enter own house, who ask where they should to go, who ask to call, who ask where are theyr parents, who ask to eat, who ask the sheets, who ask dress, who ask to speak with the major, who ask to speak with theadministration, the firefighters and so and so… and all the people have many problems!

So I thoughtk that the priority is the possibility to call in every time! And so I thought to built a page or a forum but inside the website of the city and this space start oly when there are an emergency. This page could have many pages as the page of the comunications (major, Protezione Civile, doctors, policy, fireflighters, and so and so…), the page to write help about the house, the people, dress, eat and so and so. It will be to have a page with the progects or the events to help. To built a task force to help to rebuilt…

Thus my idea was to think a instrument useful to help the cityzens, the administraction, the protezione civile, law enforcement, the firefighters after 5 minuts of the eartquake and also after months of the event,

Many time, after 5 days of the terrible moments, all forget the situation and they abandon these lands… and so la possibility to have every time a site where to work continuosly to help the people for me it will be very right…

These is only a my idea and if someone would to speak, for me it’s ok.

Would U consider extending your tool to other disasters?

Creating networks is one of several strategies for increasing resilience to earthquakes.

Networks need to built at all scales. The presence of support networks helps keep the issue of safety current. Networks ensure that people do not feel alone. Networks help disseminate information and promote learning as well as information sharing. Moreover, networks create a benign form of disaster subculture. Therefore, networks contribute to social solidarity.

According to the Geocataclysm Declaration of September 2011, “Istanbul Declaration on natural cataclysms”, “Large-scale negative effect of natural disasters in recent years has shown that humanity is not prepared to enter the era of global natural cataclysms, either technologically, economically, legally, socially or psychologically.”

They proposed the “creation of a unified international educational system for preparing the world’s population to act before, during and after natural disasters, with extensive use of the Internet and other information technologies.”

Would you like to consider extending your tool to other types of natural disasters?

These consist of observed disasters throughout the Earth including its core, mantle, lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, ionosphere and magnetosphere. Avalanches, blizzards, communicable diseases, cyclones, hurricanes, earthquakes, famines, floods and landslides, heatwaves, lightning strikes, volcanic eruptions, storms, tornadoes, tsunamies, wildfires and busfires.

I honestly do not know what happened to this declaration, if any international organisation has picked it up and is following its recommendations. If you find out, let me know: I am interested in learning more about this Declaration and the reactions of the world leaders, what the countries around the world are doing to face the increasing number of natural disasters.

It’s good to know that one’s project is aligned with the recommendations of the best leading world scientists, isn’t it?!

Hi Lyne and thanks for your contribute and this important news about the Declaration. I don’t knew it.

So however I would to think at new possibility to improve the possibility of the poor people in those terrible moments. During the last earthquake I saw the cofusion, panic, fear in the face of the every person and this face worse hour after hour because they haven’t anyone with speak and ask help until arrive the Protection Civil, the firefighters and when the municipalities can organized a little bit better.

But also when the autorithy are a litlle bit orgnized there is a problem of congestion of the request of help and informations. In the emergency fields there are sites of the Protezione Civile and municipalities but they haven’t the right istruments to work wery well and answer at the problems of the peoople. Often there are this confusion that the autorithy don’t understand the priority and they have serious problems.

So for this reason that I think to buid a web-site that can contain all the right instrument to set in this needs.

Therefore to have a right instruments for the autorthy and also a emergency field with monitor, tablet and personal computer with the App of the emergency to write in the emergency site all the problems, so the autorithy can decide the priorithy and have all the situation in one DB, and also to have a site for the citizens where read all the information and comunication. I think that we schould work to do a procedure and strategy to regularize the situation after the first moment of the natural disasters and also for a right management of the tile of the emergency.

I hope that it’s all clear!

build on top of other people’s work!/CrisisCamp

May I suggest something? You could try and get in touch with local people who are into free software and flexible communications: linux user groups, wireless experts, hamradio operators, etc. Ask people if there are other invitations to make. Tell them you have only partial answers (we all have only partial answers) but also a few important questions. Link the global with the local and create the space for local action.

It may work. :slight_smile:

I plan to go to the unconference for many reasons. One is I want to see how it works in real life. I think you could perhaps gather a group of five to five-thousand people (kidding, 5-20 is good enough) to talk without an agenda, about how to improve resilience in this and other regards.

If you’re coming to the conference, it will be great to meet. If not, please consider looking at the resilience session.

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Doing it (-ish) just now

Emiliano, breaking news: Wikitalia, an NGO I am part of, is deploying a small suite to enable coordination around catastrophes and reconstruction. It is shaping up as we go, and if you want to be involved I’ll fetch a link for you. For now it’s been only a volley of emails, but I think in a matter of days there will be a mailing list or something. Hang in there. :slight_smile:

Hey Alberto, it’s a fantastic news. Just what I thought it! :smiley:

For me it should be an honor to stay with you in this project!

Thanks very much