Story in progress: how interesting can be a transitional moment!

Telling a story, writing a story is not such an easy thing. Even less if you are talking about yourself and if you are writing in a foreign language (it doesn’t matter how well you manage it!).

Well the story is really recent, well it is somehow something currently happening: I am now in a transitional period since I have just obtained my PhD and I am trying to figure out what to do now.

well in theory it is a pretty common story but what’s interesting in it is how I am using my time now and how this is related to my background.

I am a classicist by education and I have always (well since I was 16) been involved in social movements. For a long period these two aspects remained somehow separate: one one hand I studied on the other hand I was involved in immigrant issues, social forums, campaigning and so on…

In 2008 I applied for a PhD in Antrhopology and History since I wanted to link these two parts of my life: research and activism.

Now that my PhD is done I am trying to continue on this road combining research and activism. Not having a job right now made me able in the last two months to travel around (something that I have actually done during my PhD as well…US included!) taking part in a lot of different and stimulating social gathering (I wrote here already about some of these experiences and I will do the same for the others).

having time for taking part in to social movement’s events was a chance to be taken…! a march, two forum on commons, one week of strong political campaign for the primaries in my home city,  one forum on water and, in near future, some other interesting things to do (including  continuing on the projects issued from the forum and taking part into an international agora): I met so  many interesting people in the last 45 days that having obtained my PhD during  this period appears even less important than it actually is!!!

There is not an “end” in this story, neither a result obtained, that’s the story of some sort of transition but I still don’t where it brigns, it is just something in progress…as life is!



Which side do we fall on?

Thanks for sharing, Elisabetta! “Research and activism” is a nice, clear line. It gives you an identity and a direction. What is missing from your story for me is a sort of  bottom line: are you satisfied with it? Do you feel like it’s going to be fine, just be true to your story? Or do you feel cheated, as no happy ending seems to be in sight?

I guess it boils down to how well you can take uncertainty. Apparently you are quite good at it.


Well Alberto, it actually depends on how long uncertainty last!

Right now I don’t know how I feel about it: I am in the middle of this period so I have no idea about how it will evolve…I don’t have special problems with uncertainty (conditions which is pretty common among people of my age…anyone else has comment on that???)  it’s just a matter of managing time, interests and money.

I can’t say nothing about “ending”…but of course I hope it will be an happy one :slight_smile: