Storytelling, research & documenting Lote4

Welcome! If you feel like showcasing good people and promising projects, helping their message travel the world, then you belong with the storytellers in this team.

We are mainly onto spotting who is doing what to better take care of their communities and common goods, both internationally and with a specific focus on Matera and Basilicata in Italy, the region where Lote4 takes place. Members in this team are also doing documentation of what will happen during the event, creating writeups of key sessions, summarizing the conclusions and ways forward so that we can continue to learn and collaborate in the follow up.

If you are up for contributing to make this a great experience for you and your peers, let’s collaborate. Like everything on Edgeryders, this is driven by social interactions. Things only become active when you post something, so if you think something needs to happen, step in and drive it, and others will follow :slight_smile:

Tasks available to this team

Do local engagement and outreach in Matera

Conduct an interview and publish it

Tell the story of a change-making project

Document a conference session

Map and visualise your Edgeryders User Journey

Information design | Copywriting

Create a story of Lote4 in tweets, for the twitter press conference

…or add a new task if you want to contribute with something else!

Steps to get your Lote4 ticket

  1. Pick a task of the ones above and complete it. If you need help don’t hesitate to ask by leaving a comment on the page. Each task is worth a proportion of the ticket value. and you need to complete enough of them to get one and come to Matera.

  2. Go to and register there with the same username as the one you have here on Edgeryders. Now go ahead and order your Lote4 ticket.

  3. Wait to receive your ticket! Community members at Edgeryders will check how many tasks you’ve performed and it they add up to the value of a ticket, they’ll make sure to send it to you.

Here’s the promised story

Once upon a time there was a big field situated in the middle of the capital of Germany. In its time it had seen a lot and had served many purposes. Soldiers had been marching on it and some of the first trials on flying have been proceeding there. Grand football events took place, but people also just came there for leisure.

Finally it became an airport which became famous all over the world when shortly after the war  it was the hub of the airlift to provide one half of the city during the blockade by the inimical state which was surrounding it.

But in 2008, the airport was closed and seemingly nothing happened there any more.

But the now free space was to become a place for recreational activities for the citizens. So the leftovers and the waste of the airport were removed.

Then, in 2010, the new park was ceremoniously opened for the public.

Now joggers came and kite surfers, in winter people went cross-country skiing there, grillparties took place, children used it as playground and gardens were layed out, where people started to grow their own vegetables.

And, even better, animals came back. Skylarks started to hatch at a quiet corner and falcons used it as a hunting area. Everything was good.

But in the background other plans were made. At the margin of the field, tenements should be erected, a huge library was planned, a new street was to be built.

When these plans were published, the people in the neighbourhood of the field looked at each other and asked: „Would we like this?“

Many answered this question with: „No.“ and became active.

They formed a commitee which petitioned for a referendum to stop all planning on the field.

Though discussed controversely, because building new housing estates seemed to make sense, in the end the party of the „100 % Tempelhofer Feld“ won the ballot. Now there is a law which makes it impossible for speculators in real estate to lay hand on the land.

Everything else people were used to do there is allowed. They can jogg and kitesurf, party and play, care for their plants and just relax.

The Tempelhofer Feld remains to be a huge undisturbed piece of landscape in the middle of Germany’s biggest city, thanks to group of people who took over responsibility and started counteraction.

There were photos on the original document. They vanished somehow, don’t know where. But I wanted you to have this for today’s online session. Can’t take part. Sorry!

Have a good one


100 % Tempelhofer Feld

Wrong place!

The story is great! But I think a story has to be a Drupal node, not a comment. In this way it is easier to find, easier to link and can be more effective in inspiring people. Tempelfoher Feld is a stewardship case study, so Anna please do this:

  1. go here (also possible: click on Projects in the menu bar, then look for the LOTE4 Stewardship Case Studies project and click on it.
  2. Click on Create a post.
  3. Copy-paste your title and text into the appropriate fields.  Remember to use the "paste and match style" option, not just control-V (or command-V if you use Mac). Add the photos as appropriate.
  4. Click Save

Thanks for giving me advice


In fact I am more than a bit lost in the wilderness of Edgeryders sites and Habits. Since I more or less use my PC as a typing machine, I didn’t even know what a Drupal node was. To me, it could have been a state in India. winkSo thanks a lot for guiding me. Hope, now everything is where and how it is supposed to be. Added a “German Version” too. Since I am German, it seemed appropriate to me to do so.

heyyyy people!

Hello Noemi!!

Some days ago, I also met Lauren in Athens and she asked me to write to you.

I would like toparticipate and I can definitely arrange to present there my work in three different projects:

  1. Time Bank of Athens- Sydagma Square a grass root initiative created during the protests of May 2011 in Sydagma Square

  2. Festival of Solidarity & Cooperative economy, which we will organize for the 3rd year in Athens this October 10-11-12.

It is very interesting to analyze both initiatives and prove that amazing things can happen with no money or funds.

  1. Basic Income Europe (UBIE)

Organise a workshop. This workshop will explore some of the key principles behind the idea of an unconditional basic income through imagination and reflection.

Moreover, i will be able to help you in anything you want during my stay in Matera.

So if you are interested and able to cover my travel and accommodation, i can definitely come and share all the above with you!

Looking forward to your reply,


Christine Papadopoulou


Hey Christine :slight_smile:

Just wanted to say hi … nice to see you here on Edgeryders! I think we met in Strasbourg at the Council of Europe’s conference about this time last year. Looking forward to meet you in Matera :slight_smile:

Propose a session Christine?

hi @christine-timebankathens, good to see you on the platform :slight_smile: I think you could provide the Lote4 with valuable energy and knowledge particularly informing us about the initiatives around the concept of stewardship that the Festival of Solidarity and Social Economy will be presenting and building in the future as well as feedback from the UBIE summit you organised last weekend in Athens. I suggest you propose a session. There is a guide here, How to Propose a Session for LOTE4. You can find out more about travel grants here, Travel Grants for LOTE4 Makers. Looking forward to seeing again, this time in Matera!

Hi and welcome back!

@Lauren is right, that’s the way to go… and the sooner the better your chances to get a grant. We’re practicing a first come, first served policy to be fair to everyone in the community.


Hey Matthias, Lauren and Noemi!

I will propose a session and i hope i will see you soon in Matera!

p.s. Matthias it is a small world…and so glad we will see eachother again!

Almost there

As soon as the final batch of documentation, videos, photos. posts etc. come out we will be there, and close the task. Thanks all contributors!