How to Propose Your Session at LOTE4

One: This year’s LOTE – The Stewardship

If you’re here it’s likely you already know the theme of the conference but it’s important to be aware of the details:

  1. Similar to previous LOTEs we're organising the conference around tracks which represent different perspectives and angles by which to understand and build upon the overall concept of Stewardship, to understand why we care about Stewardship read here.
  2. We will have three tracks:
    • Physical Assets: This area is for projects and initiatives that focus on the tangible, infrastructure, property and land.
    • Digital Assets: This area deals in data, legal and everything digital, new platform and new tools.
    • Stewarding Communities: What makes a good Steward? We have some ideas but we want to build a strong understanding and framing for the concept, that's community built, this track will focus on developing the concept and spotlighting work of groups who act as an exemplary example of Stewardship.
  3. Which track is for you?: It might be obvious, or you might be unsure, don't let this hold you back - if you have a session you want to bring to LOTE go ahead and share it following the steps below and just ping @ben or @noemi on the discussion thread attached to your session and we'll give our input!
  4. Curating of Tracks: This year we've invited a number of experts to help with curating the tracks, once we have enough tracks they'll help with organising the structure of each track and inviting individuals to fill our blind spots.

Two: prepare the relevant information

Here’s what we need to know:

  1. Create a profile on Edgeryders (or log in to your existing profile). It's important each session is led by someone. Your idea, you lead.
  2. Session title. Describe your session in a few words. Don't forget to include a link to relevant content or related website/s.
  3. Session context. Briefly explain the story behind your session, which track you think it fits in, why it matters to you, highlight individuals or groups that might be interested in joining with you and what you hope for the outcomes of the session.
  4. Session description: This is the bit where you get to outline your session, there is a strict format for this but try ensure your description is accessible for a broad base of participants, and try to pose key questions so that the session can be built on and developed online before arriving at the conference. Be sure to include the track you want this session to appear in.
  5. Relevant information and links: Collate information relevant to your sessions so others can read up in advance and ensure greater depth to the session you propose.

Three: create the session on the Edgeryders platform

  1. Click here. Enter the information you have prepared for your session. Make sure you also include an image to act as a logo, it will make your session look better in the program.
  2. Enter your preferred date and time (within the LOTE4 interval: 23rd-26th Oct) in the relevant fields. Please bear in mind this is liable to change when we begin structuring the program, but we'll be in touch in advance so to ensure we can find a time that works best for you.
  3. Locate the Behaviours field towards the end of the form and enter "lote4-sessions" therein. If you don't do this the session will not show automatically in the program.
  4. Click Save, you're all set. Your session is already shown in the program.
  5. Now the next step is to build interest and discussion around your session, email and share the link on your own networks.

You can check back onto the page of the event you have created to see who has signed up for it.

Making Sessions appear on the Program page

All sessions proposed for Lote4 will automatically appear on the Program page if in the bottom of the editing page where one creates a session, next to: Behaviors the text “lote4-session” is added.

If this is not done by the user creating the session, it can be done later by content managers or site admins.

Adding to the wiki