Stress Management

Stress Management collar is one of our ideas about stress. Nowadays everyone knows that stress is one of the most important problems of our lives and most difficult to manage it totally. Our idea is mostly for manage it during the traffic jams. The collar have multiple features on it and might be a solution to help some of us.

The basic idea was to create a flexible tangible object like collar which would do some kind of massage to the wearer to lower the tension of the moment. Another important feature is the ability to spray every a specific time adjusted by us a smell that what researches have shown relax the person (grass, flower, forest etc).

The last feature this collar has is the ability to stick a usb driver or connect with spotify  and connect with blue-tooth with the cars’ media player so you can listen to your favourite music anytime while you are driving. The collar could also be connected with your mobile so you can “monitor” your stress levels to be aware.