Structuring the offers to help and making visible who can help with what using webkit & platform combo

Hey guys,
I put together a spreadsheet collecting what was said in the thread where we invite people to contribute to the community response effort:

Ahead of the first community call to coordinate the participants, it would be good to set up something that enables us to make visible what is being worked on, who is working on it, where and with who else, plus who is leading.

  • Location: With pandemics we need to make it easier for people to find those closest to them geographically/ focused on the same region.
  • Projects: 1. Project Leader, 2. Project Contributor, 3. Project mentor
  • Activities: 1.Organising the calls, 2. coordinating the hands on work on the projects, 3. collecting stories
  • Roles: 1.Collaboration DJ, 2. Question Asker, 3. Synthesist, 4. Storycrafter, 5. Community Engager, 6. Mentor, 7. Matchmaker, 8. Future Forwarder
  • Skills: 1.Artificial intelligence 2. Business development 3. Crowdfunding 4. Data science 5. Event Planning 6. Game designing 7. Marketing and branding 8. Media & communication 9. Neuroscience 10. Photography 11. Product development 12. Production Process 13. Programming / web development 14. Social Media 15. Web Design

We need a simple way to “put people in the right boxes” based on what they chose, make visible which boxes there are and then be able to make visible everyone who is in a respective box.

What is a good way to do this using the platform (incl various addons we have made e.g forms to platform) and the webkit?
How should we use categories, tags or badges respectively to achieve the above?

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(Please, this should be topic in the #workspaces:software-general category …)

First proposal: Use a webkit form to post newcomer answers to this questionnaire to a certain category. Use a category template in that same category to let our existing users do the same. Make questions of the form “please just remove all lines that do not apply”. Then have a script that every hour calculates and updates a webkit configuration file from the information in this category, and let the webkit show the “boxes” with corresponding user pictures in them.

This should not go into the Discourse plugin that supports the webkit, because it’s not general purpose enough. Also badges and tags make a mess when used in abundance, please don’t. Badges can be valuable to identify key persons. Or maybe the roles, giving each person at most one badge.

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ok posted it in there as you asked @matthias , copy paste your reply to the post in the right place?

Thank you! For the future, there is also a handy “Make Public Topic” feature in the wrench icon menu below message topics. (I used it now already, since you made it ok to make this public.)