Student's Chamber

I’ve always wondered at the idea how would it be to have a space where students come together to a place like ‘home’. Because home is where we ultimately stop by-after a long tiring day at work, home or little bit of strolling around. There should be a last resort for student’s too. I would like to call it a student’s chamber. It won’t be a classroom, it wont be a library. Just a productive corner, where students can come together, discuss about politics, and liberate themselves from what’s going around.

However, the long run idea of this project is much more. The idea of student’s chamber is to elevate it into a student’s cafe with (coffee and books) where the students can hangout, eat on a discounted price (yep! that’s right, concession for students) and do things aforementioned. This place will be a growing place for students. [But just a long run sneak peak though]

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Sounds like a Social Center concept for Nepal?

Hmm interesting! With my teammate @Natalia_Skoczylas we have spent quite some time together discussing ideas for social centers here in Kathmandu. We found quite a lot of related spaces (from BAC where we’ll meet for our event this Saturday to libraries etc.) … but not exactly an equivalent of the self-managed Social Centers we know and love from Europe. Actually, I miss them because they are great spaces for citizen activism and shaping alternative movements and leaders over time …

But we didn’t think of students as a group needing them either. Maybe that’s the missing part for how the idea of social centers could take root in Nepal?

I assume the need for among the student community comes from the fact that most students are far from home in Nepal, coming from villages or other cities to study in Kathmandu? Also, I’m not sure how students live in Kathmandu and how much they usually have for rent. But do you think the following could work as a sustainability model for a “Student’s Chamber”: a lot of students rent a house together to live in, and have the ground floor open to any students as a “Student’s Chamber”?

(P.S. I tried to understand the last sentence, even looked up the difference between sneak peek and sneak peak, but I just don’t get it … yet.)