Successful maker in residence for Breathing Games!

Our two-week OpenCare residence at WeMake Milano was a success!

We were able to do a review of literature, develop a modulable kit to test different pressure and flow sensors, build a pump to calibrate the sensors, and enhance our website.

Watch the presentation to get all details!

The articles gathered, electronics designs, 3d models, and other elements can be found in our repository and on GitLab. The work is released under a Peer production license.

In the next weeks, we are going to finalize the research protocol to test the sensors in canadian hospitals, and write a scientific article to share the key learnings of the residence. We will present these outcomes during the OpenVillage festival in Brussels.

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From residence to #OpenVillage

Guys, first of all super impressed by your documentation with which I spent a bit of time these days - I learned if not from the science aspects (I’m no expert), from the way you organised and structured the information. Good way of documenting @breathinggames !

For the festival, we agreed we’ll be happy to finance your trip (a shared small travel grant reimbursed after the event) - and what remains is two things:

  1. Hammer out a short description of your session (intro + format: demo + open discussion around i.e. certification of medical devices + who can participate), and point us to hi res photos we can use for promo.  @WinniePoncelet  is already or will be in touch if support is needed.

  2. For the panel on funding and sustainability: put yourselves forward as panelists/ or simply add a contribution to shape it. @ Bernard in the team, can I ask you to sign up with a personal account and leave a comment explaining your experience in Switzerland and the game you propose to follow the panel? the more detailed your comment the better I believe. Here is the session in the making: The Edge of Funding

From residence to #OpenVillage

Hi @Noemi!

Thank you for your feedback, and for the support regarding OpenVillage. We are preparing the texts for both proposals, we keep you posted!