Summary of Community Call Sep 27th

In attendance: Dorotea, K, Michael, Ben, Rita Orlando, Noemi, David (arrived later)

wow, this went fast thanks to the wonderful Rita who showed up and briefed us on progress in Matera :-) But one thing at a time:

  1. Travel: many of us are starting to book for Matera, Lote is 1 month away!

Ben suggested whenever Edgeryders find good travel deals, they should be encouraged to share with others to hustle people so that they book while it’s still cheap, IF it’s still cheap.

Actionables: Noemi and Dorotea in particular will keep a close eye and assist people with information and help connect one another if they want to rideshare. Coordinating here: /t/lote3/312-logistics-team/lote3-travel-arrangements

2. Program: 

Track 1 + Track 2 will happen from Thursday to Friday (Oct 31- Nov 1st)

Track 3 the unConference happens over the weekend (Nov 2-3)

  Mini workshops recapeveryone participating at Lote can host a mini workshop, they don’t have specfic time slots but you can approach people; in addition, this can fold into the cookbook idea so we can crowdsource all the content based on individual skillsets. How to connect with someone if you want to host a miniworkshop? We wear fun badges! [Tessy] is kind enough to borrow us the design, check out how cool it is.

3. Venue: [Rita O] told us the works for unMonastery building will start Monday, but that it’s most probably for us to only be able to use the 1st floor at Lote. In addition to that, we can then borrow two, even larger rooms in the building across the street - the call center.

As for tables and chairs, we’ll be borrowing from Matera 2019 and also cushions from Casa Netural that they used for BB games event. NB: Currently not available, but WI FI is crucial for Lote and will be taken into account!

Pasta Party: looking for another location, more suited. (tbc)

Actionables: RIta posts a clear update next week on state of venue and needs; Noemi lets us know a fair estimation of the number of Lote participants (following up on last internal newsletter sent asking people to let us know if they changed their minds)

What happens to the unMonastery between November and February?

To avoid leaving the space empty and being squatted, the idea is to organize events once a week also involving Matera 2019 Committee, involving the local community as they prepare for the opening in 2014.