Summary of Week2 call

Hi everyone, sharing my notes. This is a wiki and so we can all jump in and edit it. Wikis here on Edgeryders have a revision history so there’s no risk of losing any informationm. Feel free to get your hands dirty :slight_smile:

In attendance: Khatuna, Gazbee, Alberto, Nadia, Matthias, Noemi

7th of March

Engagement managers

-given that we’ve just gone public with Spot the Future, we’ll give it more time to get the word out through the network and reach more people, give everyone a chance, and see what talent surfaces

Preliminary foresight report

-having read the Armenian report, we think it’s very informative - can we get the contacts of those people who voiced some of the key opinions and informed the findings, and invite them in the STF conversation?

-in Egypt: the reports were computed in March 2013, before the Muslim Brotherhood got out of office, which is why the civic disengagement of youth and the rise of conservative discourse: no longer valid

Engagement early on: Focus on getting the Tour going

-participatory approach, build it together with the team and community on a shared platform space, via public calls and continuous engagement, before the official launch

We could time the release of a shared call to action - to go through the press offices and anchor it in the upcoming Tour, plan the tour and invite people to the workshops; people share their story and info about what they’re doing, and start getting to know each other online before the event


-find a slot and produce a webinar for Get Online Week to present Spot the Future to the Egyptian innovators:

-one of the first universities in Georgia launching the first hackathon: send them the call for participation, invite them online with possibility to join the ER tour

-also engage people who were involved in the post2015 consultations


Communications and how we can ensure coordination:

  • retweeting stuff with a shared \#hashtag  (#SpotTheFuture?)
  • because of less use of twitter in the Georgia/Armenia region, look for facebook groups, create event page to link to edgeryders platform
  • mid next week have a call with communications people; first draft ready before so they can have a look

Nadia and Noemi to put together materials early next week

Khatuna, Gazbee to check locations for the tour: think of a very informal venue, where people need to be comfortable with the setting, less political or institutional load; wifi, coffee, tea, fruit

We’ve decided to move our weekly meetings on Thursdays 1pm cet

Link to google hangout event channel:

-also with Waag Society, and they can have shared access to our drive to be able to follow closely

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New Weekly call day - Wednesday :slight_smile:

Noemi, this is great! Just tiny update on the day of the weekly calls-  with Waag society on board, we’ve agreed to move the time from Thursdays to Wednesday! and hopefully it’s final :slight_smile:

Talk to you tomorrow!