Summer at the ResNet - diving and gliding on through

A brief update on the Research Network aka ResNet aka Edgeryders AAIR’s activities for the summer (now to end August) to follow up on the team retreat, keep a consolidated list, open for feedback + stepping in by those interested. For people tagged, please let me know if you are no longer able or interested in getting involved.

The list is compiled according to the ResNet categories as per our final session at the team retreat and modest in the interest of tending to capacities and the usual story of unexpected opportunities coming in. The timeline is emergent and will be guided by priorities that rise to the top.


  • Test and implement effective and open project planning tools in preparation for multiple H2020 projects within the next 12 months @anique.yael @noemi
  • Prepare roadmap for potential H2020 projects going ahead including @anique.yael @alberto
  • Criteria for team leaders and collaborators
  • List of potential team leaders and collaborators
  • Draft high level timeline for POPREBEL, CCCP and NGI Forward
  • AgriAgent stage two proposal requirements
  • Business development and conference presentations
  • Conferences
    a) DSI Fair presentation and lobbying 6-7 June, Rome @anique.yael @nadia
    b) Futur.e.s keynote and workshop 21 June/ 4 July, Paris @nadia @alberto @hugi @anique.yael
  • Community building and events
    a) Econ SF seminar @alberto @alex_levene @anique.yael + ?
    b) Reading group (Econ SF focus) @anique.yael @alberto + ?
    c) Summer meet&greet @ The Reef Brussels
  • Architecting and establishing “plug-in here” process (Collaborator and partner funnel with 3 steps + explicit social contract) @anique.yael @ireinga
  • Documentation (Repository of projects, proposals and previous applications) @anique.yael


  • H2020

  • Progress RRI New Horrizon Social Lab pilot projects for potential scaling (information to follow)
    a) Value Added Transfer @anique.yael
    b) Urban Transitions Coalitions @anique.yael
    c) Public Scientist Hero @noemi

  • Next round 2018 and 2019
    a) Review work programmes and shortlist relevant topics
    b) Dialogue with existing partners about proposal ideas - eg. The Lisbon Council and University of Bordeaux/ Aalborg/ Parma as per this post and below
    c) Make contact with potential consortium partners

  • SSNA - explore potential new opportunities with

  • OICD @alberto @anique.yael @amelia

  • Applications of SSNA within communities in universities as per as per this post and above

  • Potential applications associated to other teams - such as cities (@hazem) and cultural networks

  • FRIDA on the EDGE holistic security training project @anique.yael

  • Collective agreement/ MOU

  • Fundraising and launching of Morocco prototype (Q3-4 2018)


  • Explore a potential masterclass for Edgeryders and/or advice @anique.yael
  • Value Added Transfer RRI pilot project above (it is a lobbying project) @anique.yael
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Hey just saw this on the next research programme: Horizon Europe

For the next long-term EU budget 2021-2027, the Commission is proposing €100 billion for research and innovation.

Also, more open science they say:

More openness: The principle of ‘open science’ will become the modus operandi of Horizon Europe, requiring open access to publications and data. This will assist market uptake and increase the innovation potential of results generated by EU funding.

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Yes good find and we’re well positioned! You may be interested in the larger summary on the new Multiannual Financial Framework saved in our drive here.