Summer schedule

Now that we’re expecting quite a lot more new Reeflings, it becomes important to pay some attention to planning:

1 - we need to make sure that the newlings will get the chance to attend Q&A sessions, plenary meetings, social events and training courses

2 - we also need to make sure that we find enough time for plenary meetings and full member meetings

To get a bit of an overview I created an Excel sheet in which we can make a draft planning before we put it on Nextcloud, in the Coordinator’s folder:

  • I have penciled in the plenary meetings, but if need be we can still change the dates

  • I have included the full member meetings that are on Nextcloud

  • I have set provisional deadlines for the recruitment process (April and June group)

Requests for input:

  • @ChrisM can you please have a look and see whether we should include some more full members meetings? The idea would be that we need more time to talk about membership, and to take enough time to review everything that happened in the peak JET-14 months

  • @ChrisM shall we both schedule some beginners facilitation trainings, e.g. we both each schedule a session 1, 2 and 3 ? (or something like that?)

  • @reef-recruitment let’s quickly confirm the deadlines for the recruitment process when we meet on Sunday? Adding an extra Q&A session would also be great.

  • @reef-communitylife can you please sprinkle in a couple of social events?

  • @ugne can it be an option to already set a day for the June group to meet the confesseur? This way we can add it to the calendar that we will communicate to them in advance.

I will also try to add 1-2 NVC sessions (intro or practice), and a training on working methods.


I’ll give that my full attention tomorrow morning…

Probably easiest to do that together when we meet tomorrow…

Good plan!

Consider them sprinkled :slight_smile:


Good morning,
I am not sure if my request should go in this topic, it seemed the most appropriate in my mind :slight_smile:
I would like to attend a presentation on the building plans as they stand right now - this is one point I haven’t been able to advance on my own (so many other things to read before).
I haven’t asked that to my buddy so far as it seemed more time-efficient if it is organized as a presentation for all explorer & associate member.
I don’t know if you plan to include this point in one of the presentations/Q&A sessions, or you think it better to have a specific meeting on that ? Or should each of us go individually see and talk with someone from team-building, via buddy ?


[edited the post to add the third link, to the document with the summary of issues that we considered ahead of the vote]

Hi @LuciaM,

Thanks a lot for that question, I’m sure there are many more people who have the same question.

The first step is the Q&A sesssion for the exploring-members-to-be. If there is space (which I am sure of) the current exploring members will be very welcome. I reckon that in these sessions we’ll spend some time on the plans (we can put that at the beginning).

After that what we usually do is listen and improvise: depending on the needs of the full-members-to-be, we put in place the onboarding sessions that they need. This will most likely include a separate session on the société simple, and at some point most probably also a meeting with the architects, and a visit to one of the cohousings once we have enough full-members-to-be.

That said there are a couple of files (among the hundred others) that are relatively accessible:

Would this meet your request?


Hey guys,

It would be great if we could finish the essentials of the schedule for June ahead of the presentation.


  • @alberto would you be willing to take on one of the Q&A sessions in the week of the 24th of June? If yes, can you please put it on the calendar?

  • @ugne would it be possible to already set a date for a meeting with the confesseurs?

  • @ChrisM or @mieke would you be available for a social event in the weekend of the 22nd of June?


Thank you Lee. I will look more closely at the documents and come back with our questions.

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I’ve scheduled myself for three evenings in July to put on the series of beginners facilitation trainings…

I’m potentially available on 22 June to organise a social event, but I want to wait until Mieke, Sarah and I have had a chat this evening about incorporating other cohousing visits


I am not available on 22 July
Yes let’s have this discussion with Sarah.

The purpose of the Exploring Membership phase is only to help them make a decision whether they want to become an Associate Member. I don’t think it is possible to include a cohousing visit in those 3 weeks, and I think I will object to investing our credit towards the other cohousings for people about whom we are not sure they’ll come through. I would much prefer organising a cohousing visit during the Associate Membership phase, at a moment where we know people are solid, and as many people as possible can make it.

I would like to share the summer schedule tomorrow at the presentation.

Tagging @ChrisM @Sarah @alberto @els @Sophie_B (but others please join in), would any of you have space to organise a social event in the weeks after the presentation? It could be a brunch, a picnic, a drink in the city center, …

If that’s you, can you please add it to the summer schedule (link above) and on Nextcloud?

If anybody would be able to organise a site visit (i.e. open the gate and let people visit), preferably in the weekend of 29 June that would be much appreciated too.



Hey, sorry, we dropped the ball on this one. Forgot to talk about it on sunday, and then didn’t realise you needed it for tomorrow, we were gonna get together on saturday (which we will anyway, to fine tune the plan).

Tentative plan :

  • We’re adding an event on the 22/06
  • there will be something organised along with the site visit on the 29/06 or 30/06 - not sure if we will be able to organise it ourselves, but we can do the follow up on finding somebody for it, if none of the tagged people above answer positively
  • an afterwork on the 12/07

We will get back with more options and details after our meeting on saturday…


I’ve asked your father to get a key, permanently if possible.
I see in the summer schedule there is a tentative for a site visit in the morning + brunch. I can organise a visit on Sunday, the 30th , but only from 15:00 onwards…


I have heard really good things about this Georgian restaurant (20min from the site), maybe that could be combined with the visit or I could book a table in the first week of July? Or is that too much with the afterwork on the 12th? @reef-communitylife


@reef-recruitment, could you please take it on you to find somebody who would be willing to put all these days on the Nextcloud calendar? TIA!

will take care of putting the dates in the nextcloud calendar… I am also adding opentalk online links if they are online meetings…


@Lee : i have the impression that there is sth wrong with september on the summer schedule, the days 2-3-4-5-6-7 are missing, and thus starting from day 8, the day doesn’t correspond any more with the day in the week.
I can correct that if you can confirm if the plenary’s are at 14/09 and 29/09 (or rather on the sunday and monday closest to those dates)…
could you also let me know if the sunday plenary is in the morning (10:00-12:30+ brunch) or rather afternoon (brunch and 13:30-16:00)
(ps i didn’t add the deadlines to become associates,… in the calender, or do you want those there as well)?

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There was a Team @reef-communitylife meeting yesterday. @Sarah is going to start a thread for people to post ideas for social events and also upcoming events in Jette. @SophieC has a ton of connections already in the quartier, and will be proposing some events in June and July. We’ll take care of adding them to the Nextcloud calendar… :slight_smile:


Hi @els,

Thanks a lot for spotting that.

Here’s some replies:

  • Adding the missing week: yes please
  • Moving the plenaries to a Sunday and Monday aligned with the correct dates: yes please
  • Sunday plenaries so far have been 10:30-13:00
  • Deadlines for the 20/06 Associate Members: yes please

Thanks a million!

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hi @reeflings
just to let you know that some extra dates have been added in the nextcloud agenda for july-august-september:

  • plenary meetings
  • full member meetings
  • facilitation trainings
  • social events (and more will come if i understood well)
  • for associate members & buddies: deadlines for applying for full membership,…

We could combined the visit of the site with a walk to Pannehuis and the Tour&Taxi parc (1/2h or 45 min in total). If sunny have a drinks & cake in the park (it’s lovely, crowd and fun) / and if not we can do the same inside Tour&Taxi…