Supporting a Manifesto for Digital Social Innovation

Just got this message from Fabrizio Sestini. Please consider endorsing the manifesto, broadcast the information on your networks.

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Dear coordinators of CAPS projects,
I trust your projects are proceeding well, and I wish to draw your attention on a few urgent actions which may strongly contribute to the success of your activities and of Digital Social Innovation and the CAPS approach in general.
In particular, I wish to inform you about the possibility that has just been opened to endorse the DSI Manifesto I believe that the DSI Manifesto sets the right priorities and identifies the most urgent measures to be put in place for digital innovation to be at the service of the whole civil society.
Therefore, I urge you to read it and, if you agree, to endorse it, at Also, please help us creating awareness about it and the need to endorse it (or to comment it): first, among your consortium partners, and then on all communication channels which you consider relevant. With your help, we will give a stronger voice to the Digital Social Innovation communities in Europe, helping to obtain support for bottom-up initiatives and raising the public and political awareness about the importance of digital social innovation and its concrete impact.
I also wish to reiterate the importance of effectively interacting with the CAPS coordination project which is currently running, CHIC, which is working on essential communication items which will maximise the reach of your activities and create critical mass, such as the updated version of the CAPS Magazine and the CAPSSI website, which includes a dedicated Section to promote the best results from your projects. Please help them (Monique & Co.) to make the best out of all your exceptional initiatives!
Looking forward to meeting you at next events, such as the Social Innovation conference in Lisbon , or the next CAPS community meeting which will take place at the beginning of 2018 in Brussels (further details to come soon), kind regards,

Fabrizio Sestini
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European Commission
DG Communications Networks, Content and Technology

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