“Sustainable cities and digital participation” project Edgeryders&UniTo_introducing Samantha and brainstorming meeting

The project on “Sustainable cities and digital participation” proposed by the University of Turin - Esomas Dep. and Edgeryders, funded by the Italian Minister of Research, is officially starting! Thanks for the support @alberto @nadia @alex_levene @amelia @bojanbobic @hugi @ivan @johncoate @marina @MariaEuler @matthias @noemi)

The project will last three years (until January 2025) and a new colleague, @Samantha.Cenere, just joined us and is start working on it. Samantha is also expected to spend some month in 2023 in Bruxelles and closely working with Edgeryders on SSNA (for the analysis of grassroot initiatives in the city combining sustainability and digital activism) and collaborate in new projects writing.

We would be happy to meet all of you interested in the project to fill the doodle so we can schedule our first brainstorming:


The project outline is below:

The project revolves around the identification, analysis and modeling of digitally enabled social innovation initiatives for tackling sustainability challenges in the city and fueling democratic participation processes.

By adopting qualitative-quantitative research methods (including web-mining and mapping, Semantic Social Network Analysis, participatory observation, discourse analysis and in-deep interviews) the researcher will investigate the operational practices and the knowledge sharing fluxes that characterize the work of the social innovators working on (socio) environmental sustainability challenges in Turin and Bruxelles. Urban regeneration processes performed via ecological co-housing, green infrastructure restoration and public space commoning are potentially investigated.

All of the project material is available on gdrive:


(send me a request if you have problems in getting access)

Get in contact with me or Samantha (here or via email chiara.certoma@unito.it and samantha.cenere@unito.it )


Ping @ivan @markomanka

In fact, this would work better if we had already chosen our lead ethnographer. Chiara, what are the consequences of posponing this by something like 2-3 weeks? We are starting interviews tomorrow for that role.

Ok, no problem, here is the NEW doodle with postponed dates:

Meanwhile, welcome @samantha.cenere!

Forgot to say: I will access the doodle on the 18th Feb and see what date will be the most voted one. I will send you the link for connecting here.

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Thank you, Alberto! Looking forward to meeting you all

I’d like to introduce Paolo Giaccaria, associate professor of political-economic geography at the University of Turin. He’s working with @samantha.cenere, @alberto and me on the project and just joined Edgerydersa as @pgiaccar !