Swarmcomms: harnessing our collective online presence to support one another

This 3-hour session is dedicated to help us figure out how to get really really good at leveraging our collective online presence to:

  1. Support individual community members’ projects.

  2. Build public, local and global, recognition of the positive contribution of individuals and groups active in Edgeryders to their local communities…and the greater good in a more general sense.

  3. Build trust and strong ties between the different members spread all over the world.


Many of us coming together at the event in Tbilisi have chosen to take the path less travelled. And it is very hard to be good at everything. During lote3 (last year’s edition of the Edgeryders big annual community event) a room full of people building inspiring projects said they could really use help with design and communication. Plus many of us simply prefer getting on with the work we are passionate about, rather than promoting our projects, or even ourselves.

Public recognition is important if nothing else because it makes our work and ideas accessible to others and opens new opportunities. Also, we all need to generate revenue and getting the word out about what we offer to people who might be interested is crucial. Most of us are short on time and cannot afford to hire communications agencies or staff.

But we happily contribute towards supporting one another if someone is coordinating and making it easy, fun and meaningful to do it.

We do it all the time: When was the last time you shared a funny or beautiful photo or video online? Or an interesting article/blogpost? Exactly.

Session Format

This session consists of a short presentation followed by a hands on workshop. The aim is to go from inspiration, discussion, brainstorming and execution in one afternoon. So we have actually built something together by the time we leave for dinner!


Please bring an HD camera if you have it, as well as a stand. Don’t forget to bring your laptop if you have it!

I need help with....

If you know friends who are good graphic designers or web developers, and want to learn about using social media effectively, bring them along. It will be a fun and rewarding experience for all of us!

Want to submit your project as a case study?

Tell us about you and your work in arrivals. If the description is detailed enough, we may pick up your project as one of the case studies we will be working on in the session.

Why is this good? Check out the rates of commercial communication agencies and do the math :wink:

Date: 2014-06-23 20:00:00 - 2014-06-26 20:00:00, Asia/Tbilisi Time.

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are you sure you cant livestream this?

being that I’m involved in “swarmcomms” with Edgeryders at this nascent stage. Maybe I could contribute my thoughts in advance – from Wisconsin.

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Scheming: two brains are better than one

Let’s chat about this tomorrow when you are online and think through this together?

@Nadia let’s

@nadia let’s


I found the interviewing process really helped clarify our ideas, but we couldn’t help but have discussions involving all group members after the ‘interview’.


Many ideas: looking forward to seeing how the organizers will keep the debates focused.

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Bunch of creative, innovative and friendly people full of energy and the urge to develop their ideas in order to help develop better society; We will need much time to communicate and support each other.

Talk to me about:

Basically, I want to learn more about how large organizations can build trust and collaboration with citizens, and to also change the way individuals look at organizations (they tend to mainly look at them as a source of funding).

We narrowed it down to this question: “How to encourage organizations to adopt new models of inclusion and citizen participation rather than a top/down approach”.


Serious problems contain serious opportunities…

So let’s not be afraid to serious questions…

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nice ice breaking .

was a nice start for the Futurespotters , waiting to talk with all  of the other participants .

and was nice to have a physical discussion with people u talk online . discussion was interesting between Noemi’s online communities and south america plans :slight_smile: to Matthias 's open tech to solve problems to Inga’s researches about identity ,ethnicity and religion . to me not knowing what to write on the label :slight_smile: but settled to write about architecture for solving “real problems” +education .

the discussion got me curious to know more about these different edgy topics and waiting for the next

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Georgian muslims!

I found Inga’s interest in what to study for the future memorable: she wants to research Georgian muslim women (around 100k in the country) and the way their work rights are stepped over because of religious affiliation and habits… apparently no one will hire you if you are wearing a hijab!

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And the reason is…? Do they think Muslim women are less productive? Or is it just network homophily?