SWARMWISE - leadership book by Rick Falkvinge

The book doesn’t go into theoretical detail, psychology, or deep research papers. Rather, it is very hands-on leadership advice from pure experience – it covers everything from how you give instructions to new activists about handing out flyers in the street, up to and including how you communicate with TV stations and organize hundreds of thousands of people in a coherent swarm. Above all, it focuses on the cost-efficiency of the swarm structure, and is a tactical instruction manual for anybody who wants to dropkick their competition completely – no matter whether their game is business, social, or political.”

I met this guy once and he is as radical as I am - only more efficient. Have fun reading!

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Well done, Petros. I have read the first two chapters of the book (published as posts on Falkvinge’s blog), and I definitely want to read the rest. I hope to meet him in person over coffee next week.