Tagged Map of #lote edgeryders

Hello everyone, after lote, I suggested a map of edgeryders for easy overview, collaboration and a glance at who’s doing what and where. I created a custom map on google (unlisted) -  can be accessed by those with URL.


How to add yourself:

  1. Paste the Url.

  2. Click on Edit.

  3. 3 icons will appear - hand, placemark, line.

  4. Search for your location. Use the placemark icon from above and place it in your location/city.

  5. Edit the title of the placemark - add name, city, country code.

  6. Add description of where you are and what you are doing.


Do you guys like this and are on board? Any ideas, suggestions?

Sharing settings

Hey Charanya,

it’s a nice idea, but when I tried it I got no “Edit” button. I think you might need to check the map’s sharing settings in such a way that people with the link are authorized to edit, not just use.

Anyway there is already a similar map on Egderyders. Maybe we could update that?

Google sign in?

It requires you to be signed in to google! Caveat?

Also, nadia directed me to the project you had started alreay, I will get in touch with Lyne to see where we are at and if anything can be improved.