Taking stock of the stack: from present-day OpenEthnographer and Graphryder to a possible next stage?

@markomanka and I are doing some due diligence about the idea of creating a commercial offer around software (as service) and training for organizations wishing to do ethnographic research. This much you know since the September retreat.

We are now at the point where we need to take stock of where we are, and, by implication, figure out how much money we need to raise to get to a point where we can deliver a MVP. This would happen by an internal meeting where @matthias gives us an informal presentation on OpenEthnographer, and @hugi one on Graphryder.

This could happen in the first week of January, on 3rd or 4th, maybe. Ideally, we would do it at 16.00 or later, so I can also invite @jean_russell (no pressure, Jean, only if you are interested). Matt and Marco already confirmed. Hugi, do you have time?

And meanwhile: happy festivities to all of us! :partying_face:

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Yes, can do either of those times.

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Yes. I will be back in New York, and available. Gratitude.

Calendar invitation sent to everyone.

Update: today @markomanka, @jean_russell and I met to discuss the possibility of a road map for the future platform-ish for qualitative research (which definitely needs a better name).

Marco claimed, convincingly, that it is too early for a road map. This is because we still need to identify with precision an early need from an early client. This conversation is ongoing now.

However, there are a few thigns we could start working on:

  1. Naming/visual identity (maybe ask @nadia).
  2. Improved software documentation/white paper.
  3. A nice deck of slides.
  4. Assessing vulnerabilities/data protection implications, least clear for Graphryder (at least to me).
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