Taking to the streets

Since January 2011, youngsters are demonstrating all over the world in order to show their disagreement with the political, economic and social conditions in their countries. This burst of multitudinous mobilizations probably took government by surprise (Cairo 10,000; Moscow 120,000; Madrid 500,000; Barcelona 60,000, Rome 200,000; New York 20,000). The innovative aspect of this old means of protest is that we use social networks to communicate and organize demonstrations, we also use alternative sources of information to educate ourselves about reality. All over the world, common reasons to occupy and rally would be: it used to seem that citizens did not care at all about corruption, mismanagement of public assets, unconstitutional measures, civil and human rights, deterioration of labour conditions. It was about time to show we did care. It used to seem that citizens did not care because the public is misinformed about aspects that negatively affect their welfare. Therefore, the target audience of these demonstrations are not only corrupt politicians, corrupt governments and dictatorships. We intend to inform citizens about situations and incidents which affect them and compromise their economic future.

Are you, or is someone you know, involved in the Arab Spring, Indignant, Occupy or other movements that involve peacefully taking to the streets to demand change? Tell us about it!

  • how did you (or your friend) get involved?
  • do you think these movements are being successful in advancing the causes they promote?
  • how do you envision their future developments?

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