Team biweekly 10/8 Agenda

Hi all, not sure who is around, so first a question - do we need the biweekly tomorrow?
@ivan is off but @nadia is back, so maybe it would still be useful to catch up. The provisional agenda is the following:


  • final conference updates
  • Paper for Applied Network Science


  • updates on onboarding events and related activities
  • progress on D4.5 Report on ethnography of CE in the automotive industry (1st version), deadline August

@alberto @matthias @hugi @martin @Nica

Let me know who will be there, and edit the agenda if you have points to discuss.


I can be there.

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I would also join. No requests for the agenda though.

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Hello @marina - I would be available, if useful. - regards, Martin

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Hi everybody,

I am away from tonight until Sunday night, and will be available via email but not for meetings.

Re Treasure progress on the report, Sirin finished coding, and I asked Alberto for visualizations based on on the codes and initial insights – as soon as the visualizations are done, I can draft the report. I have an outline ready to go, and it would take me about a week to draft.


OK @Nica and all, TREASURE visualizations under way. Probably late tomorrow or Friday.

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