Team biweekly 12/1 Agenda

Hi all,

this is the proposed agenda for our biweekly tomorrow, at 17h, for those who can attend:

  • NGI finalisation of the project:

  • POPREBEL plans for 2022:

  • TREASURE the need to speed up with activities:

    • who is doing what in the upcoming months?
  • New proposals, and specifically this call, which seems to be a decent fit for the research agenda spelled out in our December 6th seminar. UPDATE: I have a preliminary concept note, codename JEDI.

If you wish to add anything to the list please edit the post directly.

@alberto @ivan @matthias @hugi @bojanbobic @martin

@nadia (on holidays)

@marina and all, I cannot participate as I am busy recording the first episode of Europarama + Sci-Fi Econ Lab. I am, however, very interested in all the agenda items (you will see I even added one of my own), and will be sure to catch up. Budget reallocation final decision are posponed to when @nadia comes back from holiday.

Correction, I can attend after all. See you later.

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