Team biweekly 13/7 & 20/7 Agenda

This is the provisional agenda for the biweekly, this Wednesday at 17h, please add any points you wish to discuss:


  • final conference updates
  • coding process


  • updates on onboarding events and related activities
  • D4.5 Report on ethnography of CE in the automotive industry (1st version), deadline August


@alberto @matthias @hugi @martin @ivan @Nica

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Concerning Treasure, I would also like to begin planning for the second stage of the project - the events on CE and the further data collection.

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Since we didn’t manage to discuss all of the points above during the last meeting, we are scheduling another call this week on Wednesday, at 4pm (CEST). You probably received the calendar invite @alberto @ivan @Nica, for others this meeting is not obligatory but you are of course free to join.

Zoom link.

Since this meeting was supposed to be on the first ethno report for Treasure and we needed @alberto, the best is if you and @Nica schedule 1:1 meeting at your convenience.

Why 16 pm? My calendar invitation says 17.00, as always.

Ah, no, I was looking at the wrong week. My bad, apologies to @marina and @ivan and @Nica. Nica, indeed let’s schedule a one-on-one. I wanted to talk to you about stuff out of TREASURE too, anyway. How are you for tomorrow (your morning, say 15.00 CEST, so 9.00 am in NY)?