Team biweekly 24/8 Agenda

Hi all, here’s the provisional agenda for tomorrow’s meeting (as last time, since the meeting didn’t take place):


  • final conference updates
  • Paper for Applied Network Science
  • Final ethno report (and delays!)


  • updates on onboarding events and related activities
  • progress on D4.5 Report on ethnography of CE in the automotive industry (1st version), deadline August - we should send it asap.

@alberto @matthias @hugi @martin @Nica @nadia @ivan

Feel free to edit the agenda directly if you have points to discuss.

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No one showed up to this meeting again (only @ivan said he cannot make it).
Anyway, from my side I just need an info on when we can submit this:

@Nica ?

Sorry!!! I thought I sent an email saying something came up and I can’t make it but I see it was still in drafts. Albert and I met about the report yesterday and have a work plan. My draft will be done by the end of the weekend and he will fine tune visualizations Monday and Tuesday. We will submit Tues or Wed.

I arrived too late, you were already gone.

From my and Nica’s side, we had a meeting yesterday on

We went through some of the results, and how to efficiently put together a first version report. We will send it in at the very end of August (31st), based on Nica producing a draft over the weekend, and both of us re-reading and improving from Monday to Wednesday.

In the same meeting, we also discussed POPREBEL, where we are a bit stuck waiting for partners to complete their respective sections of the draft final.

Ok thanks, will inform Paolo about it.

When the deliverable is done, we will first need to send it to TNO and MOVEO for revision (Paolo says) @alberto @Nica