Team Building next meeting

Hi there dear @reef-building !

Here’s a poll for our next team meeting where we’ll discuss:

  • update to ‘Le Programme’
  • update to the scouting exercise
  • what else needs to be done before we start finding a site?

As always we’ll be meeting on Jitsi. See you there! Please fill in the poll before next Thursday 23/03, thank you <3

Team Building next meeting
  • Monday 27/02 6-7 PM
  • Monday 27/02 7-8 PM
  • Tuesday 28/02 6-7 PM
  • Tuesday 28/02 7-8 PM
  • Wednesday 01/03 6-7 PM
  • Wednesday 01/03 7-8 PM
  • Friday 03/03 6-7 PM
  • Friday 03/03 7-8 PM

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hiya @MariaAM could you please fill in this poll so we can settle on a date to meet? Thanks in advance!

Oh sorry I didn’t answer earlier. I cannot vote anymore, but seeing the results, I could do Friday 3 any time slot and Wednesday preferably 7-8

thanks for the quick reply! @reef-building so let’s meet on 03/03 from 6-7PM CET. I’ve added this to our Nextcloud calendar. Draft agenda will be worked on here, and we’ll meet using Jitsi at

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hi again @reef-building! I have prepared the document with information from Le Programme in this Nextcloud file. As you can see it’s a very broad overview. It’s also not finalised, I’m still waiting for the last few households to submit their forms. I’m afraid I won’t be able to make the plenary meeting on Thursday: could I ask one of you to present this information to the group as an FYI, and collect any input or questions that people have?

Hi @JolanWuyts ! thank you for the update! Do we have a plenary this Thursday? Isn’t it on Sunday? If yes, I will not able to attend as well. In this case, we can just send a message to team coordinator to share this update?

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Yes there’s another plenary on Thursday 23/03, as well as the one in Sunday, I’m pretty sure. If no one of us can make it on Thursday I can just put it in the agenda as an FYI, indeed!