Team Call & Webinar - Overview of Webkit Development and Deployment


"info": "The focus of this call will be on setting up the Webkit and deploying it from scratch."

Poposal for a call / mini-webinar for the team.

The focus will be on setting up the Webkit and deploying it from scratch.

  • In the first part of the call we will start with an overview of the core features of the Webkit, described here.

  • In the second part of the call, we will walk through a series of steps described here and here for how a project manager would install, configure and deploy a site.

  • In the the third and final part we’ll discuss feedback and feature requests, what can be realistically implemented and what cannot in the short term.

Proposed date and time: 2020-05-25T16:00:00Z

Let me know what time otherwise suits you best - @nadia, @alberto, @noemi, @hugi, @johncoate


That is 5 AM for me. But I might not need to know all these details.

It will be mainly a technical summary of the webkit. It can be changed to a California friendly time if it’s of interest, but let’s see what everyone else says as we’re all on a different schedule…

I appreciate how often calls get scheduled to accommodate me, but in this case seems unnecessary.

No worries @johncoate! I’ll update this topic with call notes in any case after it’s finished.

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@kajafarszky help?

No, it’s a bad day. Let’s do Monday afternoon instead?

Monday, same time?

Works for me, but if people are indifferent I would do it California-friendly.

I’ll pencil it in for Monday at 6pm, if anyone has a clash just let me know.

hey @owen I leave it to @kajafarszky to help find a time that can work for everyone ?

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@owen Monday 18h CEST is good for @nadia

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Hey guys, I’ve gotten pretty ill, and my throat is killing me. No Zoom calls for me today, but I’m already in the loop and I don’t know anything that Owen doesn’t.

@alberto, @noemi, @owen, @hugi, @nadia, @johncoate

I’ve just added this event into ER agenda. You should be able to see it. And if needed extra, link is here - Owen set it up.

@hugi get well soon!

Sorry, I’m not able to make it either…

Ok, we’ll be starting in a minute or two… no worries for those who can’t make it, I will have notes here after the call.

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