Team Call Wednesday 18:00 PM Brussels time: with all community managers and local connectors

Hi all,

Our regular Wednesday calls with a special mention.

This is important: it’s been 3 weeks since the festival sprint and we are two months ahead of the events. Please come to this call and share with others what you are planning and what you need help with.

Since the Czech forum is pretty silent and no updates,
@kuba_svehla and @zalesjan can I ask you: before Wednesday, please do the following:

  1. post your "What am I doing this week’ mini reports - example.
  2. create a New Topic in your language in the Czech forums introducing your events and dates, times for November + call for community participation.

See you all on Wednesday! Here is the link: at 18:00

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Ping @natalia_skoczylas @AskaBednarczyk @Jirka_Kocian @zalesjan and @jasen_lakic.

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Updates from the Team call just now:

@kuba_svehla told people from his neighborhood about the project - biomarket and open space where he met about 5 people, sat for a coffee in the afternoon and spoke about their participation. Kuba demonstrated how edgeryders works showing the website. They are supposed to meet again this Saturday.
What I really like: Kuba prepared a manual for signing up and collaborating on the platform. Way to go!

@zalesjan: he’s passionate about the climate movement, so now meeting a lot of people. He approaches them by asking to interview them, but it’s a little too personal too soon. But the social dynamics are positive, and there is a platform building movement for climate in the country…
What I really like: that if Jan is well embedded in this community, it should be natural to offer Wellbeing in Europe as an online forum where the movement and how people learn and mobilize can be shared internationally

Natalia: is working with Aska to organise 3 workshops in 1 event: they are now deciding on the exact topics and will post about it.

From Serbia: the event is focused on bringing together a mix of entrepreneurial people with interesting content and projects to share, and a group that is less active and has more spare energy to engage in a collective project.
Jasen and Noemi are in the process of recruiting a Serbian community member to help @jasen_lakic with onsite organisation.

My humble advice to you all:

  • reach out to more people at a higher speed. Allocate more time and thinking how it can work - 10-15hrs a week minimum.
  • for Jan: be a community reporter and start yourself with publishing stories about what is happening. Then invite people you know to come in and respond
  • for Kuba: send people you meet interesting stories for them, it’s an easier way to contribute by commenting than contribute by posting a full story.
  • put communications about your event online. While you interview people individually, you also need to do outreach and help people to find you! You alone will not be able to personally meet 40 people, but if those 5 you met already can share the invitation to the event with others, then you have higher chances to reach people who are interested to participate.
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great idea with a manual, gave me an idea to add something similar after the animation

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Thanks for this summary and the suggestions.
I am thinking about what to tell in this situation:
I am reporting the formation of climate (and also perhaps political movement) to the international space. But in Czech. Can you please help me to see your perspective of how does it make sense.

Thank you.

I don’;t understand what you mean, @zalesjan - can you reframe the question?

Since you are so deeply into the environmental movement, and since it touches upon pretty much every single aspect of our human existence, I suggest you produce a few posts that explore the connections with - employability, housing, waste, quality of life, health impact, transportation, justice… You name it - and invite your friend to comment and write their own stories and takes on it. Then you can move forward, looking for new angles that tie to populism and why people vote for conservationist politicians.