Team Check-ins January 2021

With @bojanbobic @IvanC @nadia @marina @amelia @noemi. We discussed about this year’s Impact conference

Technically, according to the grant agreement, this should look like this:
EDGE role in the final impact conference. A final impact conference, targeting not only academics, but also – and especially – activists, politicians, journalists. Comparing notes, learning from each other, with POPREBEL functioning as a way to find and systematize the existing experiences. This is meant to boost the immune system of Europe’s democracy by giving extra tools to the people in its frontline.

Feedback from events so far:

  • it’s hard to get people to talk to you (Czechia)
  • different events are not so useful to get in depth conversation going
  • community managers have a hard time explaining Edgeryderds and motivating people to join, especially when at short notice (1-3 months contracts)

What do we think is going to be most conducive to high quality conversations?

  • individual, loosely connected events like we have been doing so far?
  • 1 bigger centralised event?

Conference tracks: Mini Worldbuilding efforts across the 3 countries

  • get Edgeryders invited in the spaces where people are already doing things, or activating (ie rural communities in Serbia)

  • mini Worldbuilding exercise: use the platform to talk about imagining new communities and new ways; create a personalised Category for them - this could be the case for:
    Serbian district / Polish district / Czech district

  • The people we hire = people enagaged in some worldbuilding effort who can ‘host’ a conversation leading up to more in depth analysis and visualisation → to be presented at the impact conference

Example of output: Redirect Notice

  • the scenario building WP in POPREBEL should also totally help with this, and Vello is cool
    he’d find this exciting. He could help us frame the “prompt” for the worldbuilding (Amelia)

  • for the team effort to work: new community builders would need to be coupled with a core team member; realistically I we can’t drop too much responsibility on them, onboarding them into the ER processes etc. (Noemi)

    • Team of 2 curators for each country: each community builder works directly with an ethnographer on the ground - I think the curator and the ethnographer in each context should see themselves as a little “team”. If we position it that way from the start (they start in Feb) they can mutually support each other and we support them .
    • Complementarity with the Community Journalism Programme: Community Journalism as service to the world builders - they can commission specific pieces to expand their knowledge, find commonalities with the other district etc.


in 2021:

  • 3 community builders working in 2021 (under Services): They can speak and write in their language then. Reporting in local language + EN.
  • add more community management for coordination (PMs - Ivan?)

in 2022:

  • we don’t need community management per se;
  • but we need 1 person to do outreach and engagement : focus on strategic marketing of the Worldbuilding outputs (ethnography & SSNA, business concepts…)

Today with @bojanbobic @IvanC @nadia we talked a lot about how a worldbuilding exercise could be replicated in POPREBEL:

The usual process:

  1. Infosession about what we are trying to do
  2. Two talks: How do you build worlds - by two authors; they introduced the worlds they had started: districts, migrant trains that go between them, people were invited to come in
  3. The Fellows write content, which also results in a first Graphic novel
  4. 3rd World Building Webinar - end of February, beginning of March. This would be the 1st one for POPREBEL, where we invite people to join and sketch their District
    In this community, we’re building the Serbian/Polish District in this world.

To dos:

  • Wrap up the first iteration of community journalism

  • Talk to the Ethno on the ground team to explain the Worldbuilding idea, as well as see where there are overlaps with their work and the community journalism

  • Find the SciFi readers… LARP Prague …
    larp praha at DuckDuckGo
    About us | Larp-Sword

  • Translate the graphic design from this novel into PL/CZ/SB

  • Articulate the Worldbuilding webinar event: From Wellbeing conversation to a participatory Worldbuilding exercise. Invite people to add and flesh out their district in this new world

  • Fellowships (paid)? to engage a community to build this district. Fellow Worldbuilders would be existing contributors to the Booklets. They are personally invited to the Webinar.

  • Synthetize the ethno findings into a creative interpretation for a different world: What are the implications for a different world? Ex: Newspaper of the future: There was an impetus for change and this is what had happened…

  • Present the Districts and invite people to discover the districts and have a conversation around that TELL FORM - district description translated.
    1> What does this look like in the Czech Republic?
    2> Is there anything similar?
    3> How could it work/ not work?

Ultimately, what we’d want to achieve:

  • cities and regions to step up and host Worldbuilding exercises
  • involve people locally in the experimenting of these alternative econ and social models
  • the conversations feed back into the large conversation online
  • the entire world grows and you have different models/districts that you can choose from
    => contrasting the World with existing models: they are not compatible with screen transition and new models needed for social and economic development

Why it works:
The Worldbuilding exercise is at the intersection of economics and sci-fi and the worldbuilding creative element. You have pragmatic utopianism + smart people who know what they are talking about + creative energy.

What still remains to answer: community engagement perspective
? How do you contribute to the building of this world ?

  • Fellows
  • Academy
  • … to talk about this with existing Fellows.
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invitation to wordbuilding event is is now ready- now its time to make versions localised and adapted to poprebel context

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