Team Comms Kickoff agenda meeting

Hope you are all coping well with the heat :fire:

  1. Introduce each other: get to know skills and what drives us
  2. strategic points of The Reef. What we would like to achieve with team comms
  3. a discusion on existing tasks

I have sent you the address in the calendar invite. is it ok for you?
any other points @ThomasMaertens @Alexandre
see you on 10 august at 18:30


Hey there !

I got the adress and nothing to ad :slight_smile:

See you on Wednesday,


Sorry for the late reply, I had completely missed this post :confused:
The place is perfect for me, and I can’t think of anything else for the moment.
See you tonight!

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I have added the minutes in the Nextcloud folder.

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@Alexandre @manuelpueyo


I’ve added my proposition for the copy of the flyer for the information session on Nextcloud : Nextcloud

For the lenght of the text, I based mine on the copy of the ‘flyer V3’, which was 225 words. I managed to stay under that number (217), but as consequence the copy is much more “simple”. I had to cut things and keep what seemed essential to me. But don’t hesitate to amend the text. Just realize that if we add something, then we have to cut something else :slight_smile: (or reduce the size of the text, which can lead to readibiliy issues).


Just a quick heads-up: it seems like we will have to move the date of the presentation (probably to 24/10 - waiting for a confirmation) because of an unexpected professional obligation of Alberto’s. Will keep you posted.


Thanks a lot, Thomas!
I went through it, I think it’s good! All the important information is there. Nothing to be changed in the English version as far as I am concerned (maybe “foundational values” → “core values”? Not sure if that makes a difference or which one is more common).

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hello Thomas, thank you for this work. looks good to me! we just need to change the date and we are ready. I will take care of the layout. a plus!

thank you Alexandre! great notes. I just did some changes. added a point 4 to discuss in the plenary meetings. cheers

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