Team communications: next meeting?

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Hi all,

I was looking at the minutes of the last Team Communications meeting, and it said there would be a calendar with the dates for future team meetings in 2023, but I can’t find it. Has it been made yet?

Also, I’m tagging Lee and Alberto because you are mentioned under External outreach in the Teams overview doc, but I don’t know if you would come to these meetings.

Let me know!


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External is a team that never came together. So, no.

Welcome Jeremy, :grinning:
No, today it’s only me and you in Team Comms so… feel free to suggest a calendar that suits you. I will happily accept it and kickstart the work

Hi Manuel! Sorry for the late reply :see_no_evil: Would a call next Tuesday (21/02) at 20:00 work for you?

Hello Jeremy, I am sorry i missed this message, maybe another time next week? sure!

Hi Manuel, no problem. How about Wednesday 1 March at 20:00?

Hello Jeremy, it should be fine with me, speak to you next wednesday! see you soon,

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hello Jeremy!
iam in this room

if , whenever you are ready

hello Jeremy, thanks for your time and welcome you on board, i have added you admin of the facebook page. i will start crafting some text so you can start posting as planned,thank you

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