Team Facilitation moving forward (2023)

This is the new thread for Team Facilitation to move forward, organise meetings and work on group projects.

We have a meeting scheduled for this evening, and the agenda can be found here:

@mieke and @Janet - would one of you like to facilitate the meeting tonight, to start getting some practice in?


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Zoom link for tonight’s meeting:

I can try :wink:


Hello Team Facilitation,

I promised at the Coordination meeting that I would look up the reference to existing hand gestures.

It’s in our Working Methods Document (internal link), Annex 3, p. 21. If you do a search, look for “Bureau Viertel”.



Hello Team Facilitation,

Two things came to mind that may be interesting for our facilitation practices:

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Hi @mieke and @els !

We have a Team Facilitation meeting planned for next Wednesday (the 6th) at 8pm. Would it be possible to move it to the following day (the 7th) at the same time?

If that works for you both, then great! If not, we’ll keep in on the 6th, but I might be a little late…


I’m afraid I’m not available on the 7th…

me neither, not free on the 7th, at bit later than 8 pm on the 6th is fine :slight_smile:

All good! Let’s keep it on the 6th and start at 8.30, just to be safe. I’ll post an agenda here on the day…


@ChrisM @mieke : where do we meet up? I am working at the big tower at the south station so any of your places is good… (you are also very welcome at my place but less convenient location-wise)…enjoy your weekend.

I don’t have a preference. Can be at mine, unless Chris prefers at his place or online?

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Let’s do it at yours Mieke for this time :slight_smile:


A very loosely put together agenda here:

Hello @reef-facilitation,

I heard that you are planning to organise a 3x2 training on a Saturday, just amongst the three of you.

I am happy that you are keen to get started, and at the same time I would like to ask you to reconsider this decision, for two reasons:

  1. The 3x2 training is fantastic, but it does have some limitations because it is a pre-recorded training. What I was planning to do is to create a tailor-made 3x2, in which I can integrate a bit more theory for things to make sense, and a little more exercises so that everyone can get the opportunity to practice. This should be possible because it is easy to free up some time by skipping a couple of recordings and replacing them with more targeted content.

  2. It’s is really important to me that as many people as possible go through these trainings. First because it benefits our entire group if more people become reasonably proficient in sociocracy and facilitation. Second because I expect that there are going to be people who realise that they enjoy facilitating and that they are good at it (and vice versa), which will hopefully lead to getting a bigger pool of skilled facilitators.

I agree that this is getting urgent, because we want as many people as possible to participate to a 5x2 training when a new one will be scheduled, so my request would be whether you could agree to scheduling three 2-hour online gatherings that work for all four of us, starting from the third week of February.

Happy to get your thoughts on this.

If I could chose, I prefer the initial plan we had: sitting together one full day in a weekend. I spend the whole week behind my computer at work and I really think it’s nicer and gives more room for spontaneity if we take our time for a full day and meet each other in real life. I also like the idea that we had to do it on a Saturday, it feels more relaxed than squeezing it in after work…


Ok, then let’s talk about it next time we see each other. I hear the need for meeting up IRL and not having to attend another online meeting, and at the same time I would like the points that raised above, which are in the interest of the entire group, to be considered too.

We could also do a poll and see what the rest prefers? From everyone in the team it is just my opinion, so if the majority would prefer 3x 2 h on a weekday and online, then I won’t hold you from doing it that way.

I appreciate your offer to make space and adjust to other people’s preferences. Organising a poll however goes a bit against the principle of sociocracy.

If we want to go for perfection, what is happening here is that I am asking you to consent to dropping your proposal and see whether we can move forward with a new proposal. If this would be acceptable, then the new proposal can still be subject to amendments, shortening of the term and measuring the concerns.

Letting go of perfection, I would go with sociocracy’s focus on needs, and then meet these needs with a proposal that is within everybody’s range of tolerance.

If I would need to list the needs that I see, it would be these:

  • Making sure that as many Reeflings as possible can attend the facilitation trainings

  • Making sure we use the time well and put in as much theory and practice as possible

  • Avoiding too much screen time and getting some time for IRL connection

Without wanting to push my idea, I would argue that three separate, online meetings would be more suitable, because it allows more people to attend. It also makes it easier to concentrate, because I don’t believe it is possible to do 3x2 hours in one day.

And then I’m not even mentioning that for some of us the principle of organising meetings online (which is in the working methods) is difficult to give up on, just because we spend a lot of time on The Reef already. I love meeting up IRL to spend some quality time together, to be clear, but I prefer this to be a choice, and not at the cost of people dropping out because it takes too much time to get somewhere.

So if you agree, I would propose that we pick this up next time we meet each other, and we see how we can take this forward. Would that work?

Ok for me to talk about it next time we meet