Team Finance 2nd meeting coming up!

Hi @Sarah @matteomeschiari @Alexandre ! I’m trying to organise a meeting with Marcel Heymans, one of our candidates for the “confesseur” rôle, and I think it would be good that one or two members of team Building take part in this meeting, as the “confesseur” process is also relevant for the building. Who would be available this Tuesday 23th around 6 PM or Wednesday 24th at 11 AM, 1 PM, 3 PM or 5 PM ? Could you please reply asap so that I can send him the possible meeting times?


Hi @Celine_D
Thanks for organising this!
Unfortunately I’m not available at any of those times, sorry.

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@ugne Here (in Lee’s post from Aug 7) is a mention of Immotheker (just so you know, following our interview with Marcel)

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