Team finance: Getting ready to buy a site - to do list

Hi @reef-finance

Before our meeting this Thursday, 25 April, can you review and comment on the list below Is this doable? full document can be found here

Task Description Who Status
Appointment with the notary
Instructions on the purchase process Step-by-step description of what to do + understand every letter of the template offer that we received Notary
Clarity on the droits de registrement How much will we pay on the purchase of the land?

What are the conditions for an abatement?|Notary (some questions answered here:||

Clarity on the notary costs If a new associate joins the société simple, do we need to pay notary costs (for the property rights) every time? Ugne
Confesseur Set up appointments for everybody to meet with the confesseur Ugne
Preparing the payment of the option (100.000 euro)
Bank account Get everything ready with Triodos so that the société simple gets its own bank account Richard + Ugne
Shares Calculate how much each household has to contribute Alberto
Gathering the remaining 900.000 euro
Money we have Establish how much money we can gather on our own (from our bank accounts) Richard & Alberto
Money we need to borrow - Ask Triodos about the conditions for a bullet loan
Ask Triodos about the conditions for individual mortgages Richard + Ugne
Compensation for the loans - Work out how much interest we will all be paying, and propose a mechanism to get compensation from those will join later on Alberto & Richard

This is done. I confirmed (from the compromis template) that the advance has no VAT nor registration rights, so it is actually 100,000. It comes down to 85.73 EUR per square meter. Here is the table with contributions per each household.

We could maybe ask the confesseurs to also gain this piece of info. In a way, it should be implicit in the information we have to present to them.