Team Finance: getting started

It seems I still haven’t had time to type the information about Casa Nova. I’ll do that when I’m back from holiday, after Sept. 25th.

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@reef-finance : the architects have gotten back with the quote we asked for. See mail box > Folder Architects Stekke+Fraas > [3]3 messages in conversationJET14 - EF version 2 / 190324 of 22/03

Also we are thinking it might be good to ask them for quaterly updates? If yes, could you be responsible to asking the keyholders to ask for it when the time is due?

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yes, will make a note to ask team building (to ask architects) at the end of June.

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hi @reef-finance
We haven’t met tonight, but here was the agenda
Could you please have a look and see whether we can agree online to advance certain things, like sending questions to notary or fixing a meeting with Triodos (if we are ready). An update on the confesseurs process is that whoever went through the process, got A, so nothing to report.
If need be, will reschedule the meeting.
Let’s talk soon.

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Notary: the questions make sense. I am sure more questions will come, but that’s no reason to hold offon these ones. Let’s send them.

Triodos: I have not seen summarized information about who’s going with them and who is not. It should be easy to do a poll, though, again, this is not going to be complete since the group itself is not complete.

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Hi @reef-finance
Thanks, @alberto for the answers. In this case, will send the questions to the notary as they stand here
Triodos questions - lets wait & ok for the poll.

Something important came up yesterday during the coordination meeting:

  • Next Wed, 10 April during the plenary - we need to present the quarterly budget update (January -March 2024). I can look at what was foreseen, but could somebody do the extract of what was spent by team? see the presentation i have started here.


There is still Lie‘s question on the qualified majority of SocSim‘s general assembly that we need to include in the questions to the notary. I had agreed with Sarah to translate it into French this weekend if you can wait until then.

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I have inserted a profit loss statement for Q1 on slide 3, please have a look and let me know if any comments.

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Hello @ugne

I’ve now inserted the final question for the notary on the qualified majority of SocSim. Thx!

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Thank you, perfect. Just sent the questions!


Accounting => Reports => Profit and loss => Quarterly (direct link)

Team by team:

Work => Projects => Select the project => Expenses

For example, Finance: Log in to your FreeAgent account.

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ok, got it

hi @alberto , hi @RichardB

There is something i don’t understand. Is it possible that some of the expenses are not allocated to the teams? I have reviewed all the teams and all the expenses and the summary is here in our presentation
However, if you look at Richard’s slide - nr 3, only some of the expenses are reflected on my slides 4 & 5. However, there are quite many items that are not included. We need to put show them somehow. I meanly refer to those highlighted (example: rental is not under logistics…)

Hello @ugne , according to Freeagent, the consultancy fees are linked to team coordination. Rental of venues hasn’t been linked yet and I would think this should be Team logistics. Insurance also hasn’t been linked and I think it falls either within Team Finance or Team Building, perhaps sth. to discuss during the plenary?

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Yes, very possible. Easy to fix, though.

This is a long-standing discussion. So-called “general expenses” are, well, general, and do not fit neatly into a structure by teams. Insurance (a legal obligation, we cannot not have it) is a great example. Also, there is no reason for every single expenditure to be allocated to a team. We do budgets for reasons of team accountability; but still, as members, we remain accountable for the whole ASBL’s financial equilibrium. In fact, formal obligations concern solely the whole, rather than the teams. Why not start the presentation with the organization-wide numbers, then move to teams presentations?

I think it’s a luxury to bring this to the plenary. We can say this is under discussion and simply agree with the teambuilding. I think it should probably fall under team finance & legal.

Totally agree. Could we have a bucket called “general expenses”, then? If i understand correcty, what is important for the group is

  • understand the status of the general spending and whether we are within the limits we drew (yearly budget estimation)
  • give some clarity to teams whether they are not overspending

Hi @reef-finance!
I have a question for you but wasn’t sure where to put it…

I was wondering what we were going to do with the money that was budgeted for the feasibility studies?

Initially my thought was to use it to increase our common spaces, but then Chris told me that we might not be able to that as the ASBL is not supposed to give a financial benefit to the members.
But then I’m thinking that ASBL have a right to own property, so would it be an option that it owned some of the common spaces??

Another option: would it be possible to use the money to organise workshops (deep democracy, collective intelligence,…) or community days ?

Thanks for your answers!

As I recall it, that was… nothing. The architects had committed to giving us a discount equivalent to a maximum of 10 (I think) feasibility studies. So, there was never any extra money, just the idea that we would pay invoices for the FS (we paid one so far), and they would take the amount off their invoices for the actual design of The Reef.