Team Finance: getting started

Calling everyone in @reef-finance! Now that we have the team, let’s roll. I propose to organize a first meeting in the next two weeks. The agenda is: organize Team Finance’s work from here to the end of the summer.

As a preparation of the meeting, I suggest starting from Lie’s to-do list. Use the filter view to filter out the tasks assigned to us (View => Sheet View => Finance, if you are not familiar with filter views in spreadsheets). Tasks 10, 12 and 49 are the most urgent, but there are others.

For the meeting itself, I propose just using Zoom, to start with the hygiene of keeping physical meetings to a minimum. I have access to Edgeryders’ paid Zoom account.

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Thanks @alberto .

We could do a doodle. I’m afraid I’m pretty busy this week, but I’ve proposed evenings on the link. What do you guys think?


Not sure if this doodle opened correctly but I put my availabilities for next week

@Mas any chance you could make Thursday, maybe editing the time slot? Then we would all be there.

Sure, Thursday late is fine for a quick chat!

Ok, @reef-finance (and thanks @Mas), the meeting is then set for Thursday, 14th July at 19.30. As is normal for a first meeting, we have a lot on our plate, and we will not be able to do everything in one go. So, here’s a proposed agenda:

  1. How will Team Finance coordinate? By default, we should use the channels commons to everyone in The Reef (see). It there are special needs to the team’s members, we can discuss them and make a decision. Maybe we need accounting software?
  2. Setting up the confesseur process. I am asking @Lee to participate in this meeting, as she has a candidate. This requires agreeing on who the confesseur is going to be, and then (with that person) designing a process whereby every unit in The Reef gets a one-on-one appointment, and a report in some form comes back (to both the members associated to that unit and The Reef). On the confesseur process in Brutopia, see, section 2.
  3. Coming up with some procedure to ensure legibility and transparency.
  4. Assigning tasks as much as we can. There are some tasks allocated to Team Finance in the master to-do list.

Is that OK?


@GiuSeb, @Mas I see you have not accepted the calendar invitation for tonight’s meeting. All still good?

Yup still on! See you in a bit


Yup! Had not seen a link to accept. Will be there

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And it’s a wrap! Thanks everyone. @Mas, can you ping me here or via Nextcloud’s chat when you upload the notes? I volunteer to turn them into minutes if need be.

I followed up on all my tasks:

  • Cohousing Projects: they are willing to meet up online. The link to book an appointment is in the Nextcloud chat.
  • Okelaar / info on cooperatives: email sent - will keep you posted.
  • Student’s thesis about legal constructions: I added the file to the Books and manuals folder and will see whether I can bring myself to read it (it’s only 80 pages).

On information about cooperatives I found out that it’s a bit of a rabbit hole, but that there are quite some resources available:

  • Cera Coop offers training courses (in FR and NL) about setting up a cooperative
  • Coopkracht is a network for cooperative entrepreneurs in Flanders. They offer quite some resources for free on their website (in NL)
  • Febecoop is a knowledge center for cooperatives in Flanders and Brussels. They offer training courses, publications and consulting.

About legal structures : Casa Nova created a Foundation, separate from the cohousing. It manages activies and link with the neighbourhood, and rents out the cohousing’s common rooms : Casa Nova – Fondation et salle polyvalente’.


Minutes and notes (thanks @Mas) are online in this folder.

I also created decks for the main tasks.

Hello @reef-finance, as our second meeting draws near, I would like to flag two things:

  • Pre-proposal for the confesseur process ready.
  • I saw @GiuSeb’s convention document, but it was created in a way that it is not commentable.

To see my comments, in the workspace navigate to Deck => Team Finance, or to Activity => Deck, that shows the latest changes made to Deck cards:

I have tried to use deck cards to organize this phase of collaboration in Team Finance, but I am not sure how you get notifications, because that depends on your notification settings. To make sure you would see this in time, I am also pinging you through the forum. Sorry for the many notifications! As our processes are not hardened yet I prefer to err on the side of too much communication. As we get the hang of this, the volume of notifs will subside.

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Hey @alberto

I’m not clear on how to use the decks, I’m sorry.
But if you can tell me where/how to save the convention document, I’m happy to do that.


Try here: Login – Nextcloud

thanks @alberto!

Actually, Giulia, yesterday I had some time, so I already downloaded your document, re-uploaded it in that folder and made some comments.

ok. Thanks

I got more information about Casa Nova’s foundation, how it was/is financed, how it articulates with the building in co-ownership. I just won’t have time to type/translate it before next week.