[Team] Graphic design for program and other materials

@owen If you could start with the program design that would be great.

See some examples here - ideally it would fit an A4 or A3 so we can print 80 pieces.

Other info material

For a small booklet to include event description/ participants bios/ rules of conduct/ directions etc I will need this week to structure it… And I propose we have a limited no of copies - say 20 hung onsite to avoid paper waste. What do you think?

For content / WORK IN PROGRESS

Here are some designs from the past:


No problem

Will this be in B&W? Single sided A4?

Double sided should be fine. It can be black/white or color, whichever way you prefer! We can also print it on colored paper.

Guys @hazem has already started working on this! Files here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bzini2_PKgFeaTFENlZPcTVpeHM

We are in touch already, great news and thanks sooo much.

@owen and @hazem - as I mentioned, will be sending in additions and changes throughout next week.


just to clarify: the flyer will be a single sheet schedule of events for each day - no speaker bios or session blurbs -

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Hi @owen - today is the day we probably need all the stuff ready to go printing:
Here is what my checklist looks like - let me know if you can finalize these - some are just basic nameposting…
Can you or @Nadia include instructions on how to print stuff? Especially for the booklet.

Poster OpenVillage Festival A3 (to put outside the venues)
Program A4 two faced
Day Program per each Room ( 1 A3 x 3 days x 3 rooms =9)
Room names on A4: 1)for La Serre: Main Hall/ Library/ The Locker 2) for Au Quai: Main Hall/ Bright Room/ Shoes Off
Zine design template & production (only digital I guess?)

Am I missing something?

@natalia_skoczylas can you find us a printing office that we can go to tomorrow first thing in the morning?

This is now urgent guys! @owen @nadia

If you upload the files in the drive in a couple hours with instructions for the booklet I can take care of it.

Booklet - https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9HDmZXkz8LFQzlQa1hfOUtJblE

Programme coming very soon

For the booklet, it’s A3 - if possible laminate the edge or see what options they have for binding it that are cheap.

Thanks, it looks great! Unfortunately it’s missing the opencare logos… and some photos.

Anyway, too late to change it now.

Ok, here is the programme - print as double sided A4