Team Interpretation

Hello @Laurianne, @Sarah and @JeremyH,

When we agreed on the proposal for the notary we mentioned the possibility of setting up something like a “Team Interpretation”, which would offer French to English interpretation during meetings with the notary and the architects. As we have our first meeting coming up shortly (April), it may be a good thing to make this more concrete.

Would one of you possibly be willing to take the lead on this?

All in all I don’t think it needs a lot of preparatory work, other than maybe:

  • Think about how this can be organised in practice (e.g. maybe a hand gesture to the facilitator to ask for a 1 minute break to catch up or so)

  • See whether you need to recruit more people (native equivalent speakers)


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I can take the lead for this !

So basically : how to do the interpretation in practice with the whole group and how many people we need.


I’m also happy to do some interpreting. @Laurianne we could share the work if you like (you intepret during the first half of the meeting and I do the second half, for instance).

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To be honest I’m not sure how it would work in practice. I don’t think everybody needs interpretation, so do you think it can be option to do the whispering kind of interpretation that we sometimes see in diplomatic contexts? Or did you envisage to speak out loud for the entire group?

Personally, I’m comfortable with whispering and with consecutive interpreting (i.e. the notary speaks for a minute, then they pause while I interpret…)

Maybe a short poll would be useful to figure out how many people need this? I could whisper to a group of 3 or 4 people I suppose.


Hi all!
Happy to help with this also if needed. A poll is not a bad idea to assess needs…
Although if we are gonna do consecutive translating, i.e. if the notary has to pause, it would make sense to have just the one translator for the group right?
I am indeed not sure my amateur translation skills would allow me to both listen and translate at the same time…

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Hello all,

Just a quick note that our coach, Mark, will be joining us for a Q&A at the Reeflings weekend, so we will need interpretation sooner than we expected.

@Nic, @JolanWuyts and @VickyVanEyck: would you be willing to join this Team to take care of interpretation from English to Dutch (for the coach)?

Hiya, I’d love to help interpret whenever I can! As mentioned previously I won’t be able to join you on the weekend of 24-25, but if you need interpretation after that please count me in :slight_smile:

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Hi !
I would say that the way to do (whispering or pausing and translating to everyone) depends on several factors :

  • how many people need a translation
  • what their proportion in the total group is
  • the size of the space and if it is inside or outside (like with the architects for instance)
  • how many interpretes are available.

Whispering is more adequate if there is a small proportion of people needing a translation.
If the proportion is assessed as “big”, then going for a “later on” interpretation would be more adapted.
As pros : it can be hard to register the information while whispering. On the other hand, translating afterwards leads potentially more to forgetting elements.

About French/English, from the list, Sophie, Nele, Ugne, Nic, Jolan, Lara, Manuel, Alberto and Lie have French in the third position. To see to which extent they would individually feel fluent to translate. :slight_smile:

(An other option/idea may be in the future to consider using a (small) microphone, an app and a screen to display the subtitles.)

If this is just a commitment to translate English > Dutch for the hour of Q&A during the Reefling weekend, you can count on me! Might be nice to have a second person on hand too (@VickyVanEyck?), but I’m assuming I will still have full brain capacity from 12h to 13h :sweat_smile: so should be fine either way

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