Team Members

here we add names, photos and bios of the team working on this initative ( not just edgeryders), can you help get this @marina/ @ivan (not sure who I should be asking)?

I can ask Paolo for the presentation from the kick-off where we have all the names. Most of the bios are in the GA.

yes we need photos (high res) ones though. This has to do with establishing trust and credibility to engage participants.

This will require asking each of them then. We can start this after the call tomorrow so that they understand better why we need it.


I added the company profiles and logos in the posts, and started inquiring about the personal accounts.
It will take some time though. In the meantime, by the end of July we should prepare the presentation/description of our forum. @marina - you had something like this in mind if I am not mistaken?

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Yes, it would be great if we could shape this in a similar way but adapt it to TREASURE, for engagement purposes. What do you think @nadia? We can also go with simple link saying “join the conversation” but I think a nice paragraph about what people can get out of it would be better.

ok will do on 31st

In the meantime, the super fast Unizar has put the website online.

I promised we would deliver our presentation/description/engagement part in the first days of August.


hey :slight_smile: did we ever receive this?

It is us who should send them the presentation of our engagement part to be embedded in the project website.

something like this:

They have sent us the details on the partners they had and these are already in the post on the partners.

huh? no I mean we need names and faces of the people in the consortium teams behind this project?

yes but to have this we need their answers to several of my questions (see comments in this document)

we have the names and the contacts, they are in the share point of the project.

We don’t have the photos and the bios because nobody has answered to the request to send them. I can go asking again, but we have agreed to go on without it in the meantime, because if we waited for them it would not have been done before the end of the project.

ok I cannot access the document - can you copy paste into a new topic and tag it Team and Page?

I’ll send you the email with the file - do you want me to ask them for consent again for their names to be published online?

yes. We need it to inspire trust in the platform. That there are real people behind it.