Teams set-up

Hello @Euleane , @angelika, @justinf & @susanne and welcome to The Reef!

(ping @ChrisM, who is currently taking responsibility for the onboarding process)

We have a number of different Teams to get the work done, and as Associate Members we would like it if you could join at least one.

This is the internal link to the overview file (please don’t make any changes there):

And this is the internal link to the document that we use to match new Reeflings with teams and tasks that are looking for volunteers:

Finding 1-2 people who would like to join Team Finance & Legal would be a win, idem for Team Building and one person who would be willing to take on some administrative tasks in Team Recruitment & Onboarding, but there are of course also many more Teams that would be happy to welcome you.

Could you please have a look at these documents, see where you would like to be and put your name in the second document? This way we can try to match people with teams, and then we present a short proposal for consent at the next plenary meeting.

Don’t hesitate to talk to your buddy to get more details and/or ask the Team Coordinators (in bold in the Excel file) whether you can attend a meeting just to get a flavour.

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Kind reminder to @Angelika, @J_Noga and Susanne (don’t know your username), grateful if you could look into this.

Ping @ChrisM.

I don’t think that these are the right user names…

Or this one…

I received an email letting me know that Justin’s user name was @Justin_N and Susanne’s was @Susanne_P, but neither of these seems to be active yet. Susanne said on Sunday that she had experienced a few issues signing up.

@alberto or @manuelpueyo - could you please confirm the correct usernames, so that I can add them to the our Edgeryders groups…

Thanks :slight_smile:

… sorry Lee, maybe I missed the e-mail about that one. Normally I get notifications, but I might have deleted the one about your message by mistake. I put myself in for finance now, I already talked to Alberto a bit about it last weekend! :slight_smile:


Hello, Justin and I put our names down for teams as well. :slight_smile: I won’t be able to join today’s plenary but Justin will be participating.