TechBlick 02 - Alan [EN]

And do you think that the automotive industry can promote a circular economy or do they do it already?

I don’t know that they do it already. Yeah. It’s I think anything’s possible. So sure they the automotive sector could promote that. We are we are further down the food chain. But you know as our materials. Yeah. Our materials could be repurposed.

Do you currently own a car?


Which kind of car is it?

I own a I own a Honda.

Is it a petrol or electric or hybrid.


Okay. What personal or professional experience have you had with electronics in cars you have used?

Oh, personal experience. I mean, occupancy detection, you know, as human machine interface would be would be the two big ones.

Do you have concerns about privacy and personal data stored in electronics in cars, for example GPS?

Oh, of course, but that doesn’t stop me from using it.

And what is with electronics in general?

I’m sorry. Repeat that.

What is with electronics in general?

Electronics in general? Yeah.

Are you about privacy and personal data storing?

You know. Privacy. You know, again, I don’t I’m more concerned with banking information and that kind of stuff. So I just don’t I don’t need everybody knowing what I’m doing. So that’s that’s my concern.

Uh, does recycling and reusing mean different things to you?

Yes. Yeah. Recycling. Recycling, you know, can mean, you know, using it for one thing and then recycling it to use it. For something else. And, you know, as an example, as I don’t throw away glass, I take glass and I repurpose it to use it for something else and reusing. I start with, let’s say a liquor bottle and I’ll use it for candles. Okay.