TechBlick 06 - Charlotte [EN]

Do you think the automotive industry is already doing the things like that?

Uh, partly, yes they do. But. They are still selling a lot of cars without much changes as well. So they are optimizing more cost optimizing as well. So yeah.

Do you own a car?

Uh, yes, I do own a car.

What kind of car is it?

It’s a old petrol car. Yeah.

Okay, but what personal or professional experience have you had with electronics in your car or cars You did use.

Um, I have not driven a self driven car yet that I’m looking forward to do a lot. I find that the all security systems with the adaptive cruise control systems warning systems are definitely good for, especially people who are not driving very much. Might make people lazy. But if it’s just used, all of us are using it. It will make it safer. Um, so I still see that we can do a lot more things with electronics in the car to to make life safer for, for for the road users, that’s for sure. Yeah.

Do you have any concerns about privacy and personal data stored by car electronics like GPS?

Um, no. And if I have that, I should have much more concerns on my mobile phone data. So.

So electronics in general?

Yeah, in electronics in general. I think we can’t go without it. It’s something we have to live with and not against. Yeah.

What do you think are the general concerns about privacy in thinking about circular economy practice?

That’s indeed the same part there as what if my data is stored on something that is reused by someone else who is then liable? So I do understand that the liability aspects, I think, would be the biggest concern on what are you raising. And then if you can erase it, will you erase it earlier. Can you make a abuse of it as well. So that would be a big, big concern. Yeah.

Does recycling and reusing mean different things to you?

Yes, totally. So recycling is taking a part and making use of it for maybe some other purposes. And recycling. Reusing is using it for the same purpose a second time.

On a scale of 1 to 5, one means not at all concerned and five means extremely concerned. How concerned are you about issues of environmental waste and pollution?

5 - why because we are polluting the Earth quite a lot and we are wasting a lot of things as food as well, and using a lot of energy for in a not smart way.

What, if any, actions do you take in your life to promote sustainability?

Using the bike instead of the car. Uh, heating the house a lot lesser and making sure it’s isolation on it and not throwing away food.