TechBlick 08 - Daniel [EN]

Uh, do you own a car?


Which kind of car is it?

It’s a internal combustion engine car.

So a petrol car, not a hybrid. Not.

Yes, exactly.

And what personal or professional experience have you had with electronics in cars you have used?

Just the standard interactions with the electronics in my car, I guess. Nothing. Special issues,

No problems. No.

Well, the the odd broken, broken electric window I guess is.

Do you have concerns about privacy and personal data stored in electronics in a car like GPS, for example?

Not particularly in my car, no, but I don’t have any of those functions turned on in my. Current vehicle. So no, no, no more so than I do with my phone.

So in general electronics in general, yes. You have concerns.

Concerns? Which one? I guess just the idea of being constantly tracked is slightly unnerving.

Um, what do you think are the general concerns about privacy in thinking about circular economy practice?

I don’t really see any direct connection between the two.

Uh, does recycling and reusing mean different things to you?


Could you explain, please?

Well, recycling usually involves some kind of process of breaking down materials. Reuse is just using products as is without needing to process them in any way.