TechBlick 12 - Gerry [EN]

So do you think electronics can play a role in making the car industry more circular? Reusing. Reshaping?

Yes, yes.

Could you explain?

I think hopefully it’s mostly going to be about design and function. I think if if you had a, for instance, what we’ve I’ve seen physically from the three dimensional reshaping, we can now have things that electronics that can be formed in one process now instead of seven processes. So if you’re trying to take electronics and all this work to try and get it in and all the different processes that expend energy, I think now if you have certain processes that will will take the number of steps out of the production, that’s going to help save, save some energy and reduce the amount of energy needed to produce the car. How they then get that out of the car and then put it into the recycling. That, again, is something I’m not exactly aware of how the automotive guys are actually going into doing that. So I’m a little bit back from that particular aspect.

And do you think the car industry can promote circular economy?

The car I’m sorry.

Can promote circular economy.

Sure, I think so, yeah, I think so. I think some of the, some of the again, some of the applications, some of the ways that they’re looking at whether it’s electrical vehicles, I think, I think there’ll be more I think, I think that that consideration is being looked at strongly to try and make sure that we can disconnect some of the some of the electronics applications. And we use we use materials.

Do you currently own a car? Yes. Which kind of car is it?

I have a hybrid.

Hybrid? Yes.

It’s a it’s a combination. So but I do get very good mileage with it. I get over 40 about 45 miles per gallon. So it’s a it’s a step I, it’s when I, when I buy a new car maybe, maybe a plug in or something like that. But yeah right now I have a hybrid.

What personal or professional experience have you had with electronics in car you have used?

I just, I just we, we are a part of the food chain that goes into the materials, which makes the inks, which makes the, the circuits, which makes the whole electronics. So we’re a little bit back. We don’t a lot of, a lot of the automotive guys don’t really typically share too much confidential information about what they do. So I would say again, unfortunately I don’t see a really huge. Amount of the applications directly from you. You’d have to ask some of the automotive guys I think there, but, but, but the applications that we do are from the ground with the pace. The manufacturers I think is I see lower temperature, less materials. So I think all that will add towards the the usability.

So do you have any concerns about privacy and personal data stored by car electronics, for example in GPS?


Could you explain?

I don’t think I need to explain. If you leave, if you connect with the I drive rental cars. So one of the concerns I do have is when I plug into my Bluetooth, my Bluetooth and, and it pulls up all the contact information. What I hear is that that material is still stored on the car once I return it. So that is that is a concern.

Also electronics in general, the same. Cell phones, laptops. Uh, I.

I don’t know enough about it to comment on that, I really don’t, but no, I think the main, the main worry for me is the communication between my cell phone and the and the car.