TechBlick 13 - Ilaria & Roberto [EN]

A circular economy is to use materials that came from waste, maybe from another production, and you can use it as a material for your production and so on. Your material waste could be used from another production facility. So it is a circular of materials I see.

could you explain, define a circular economy.

Yeah. The I suppose that the less impact on the environment is is the best. So reuse also try to to reduce the, the consumption of of things and the waste. Yes. Less impact.

Do you participate in a circular economy yourself in any aspect of your life Ilaria?

I observe. Yeah I’m trying. Yeah, of course I’m trying to recycle too.

Yeah. Could you explain what are you doing?

And of course, in our work, as Roberto said, we. We moved from subtractive to additive printing process and also in my life to make less waste also with my everyday life. Yeah.

Roberto, you and the circular economy. Yeah.

From my personal my in my life, we we do with my family. We do recycling. Before it was a must, let’s say. And I try not to buy if I don’t need it and try to, to repair something when, when it broke, if it’s possible and if I can in our job, in our, in our factory, we, we try to to improve our processes and to also. Try to reuse materials in in our chemical baths in as an example, try to take back the metals from the vats and and so on.

So do you think electronics can play a role in making the car industry more circular?

Yeah, of course in electronic is the main core of automotive nowadays. So make the circular economy on electronics is the first step to make also the automotive sector more green.

Roberto, what do you think?

For sure. By by using more and more electrical vehicles we are also reducing the emission of CO2. Nowadays. I, I think from my personal point of view that the, the, the car industry is, is a how to say. Yeah, we, we, we need to to find the right, the right way to, to use in the proper way the electrical vehicles and to, to restart, let’s say restart the the automotive sector.

Do you think electronics can play a role in making the kind of things more circular?

Yeah. Of course as I said, the the electronics also these days can be a first step to make the electronics circular to to see what are the best material to use, to have less impact and also to have on the future, maybe materials that are biodegradable. Biodegradable. Yeah.

Roberto are you? Yeah.

I agree totally with. With Ilaria. Yes.

So do you currently own a car?


Which kind of car is it?