Technical Hoffice Hours

About Hoffice Hours

An online meeting to provide support and education for The Reef instance of Nextcloud and Edgeryriders instance of Discourse.
Come with your technical problems and questions and we will have a look at them together :grinning:

When it takes place

Every wednesday at 18:00 (upon previous registration)

Where it takes place

online visio conference room jitsi.
screen sharing availiable.
audio and video availiable

How to register

Every @reeflings invited.
Registration in this form


Maybe @Pieter can also help with this task. You two can alternate, or he can find other ways to help people. For example, I hear that @EmmanuelleVM would like some support: Emmanuelle, does this clinic mode work for you?

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Sure, I could definitely help with this :slight_smile:

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Hi Manuel, Alberto, Lee

Thank you for thinking of me

If possible, I would really like to have a first explanation in real.
It would be great and very reassuring for me.

I thought invite some of you at my home in Boitsfort for a dinner
For me it’s possible every evening, starting tomorrow (Saturday 23-7) evening (19h)
I can cook gluten free

Don’t hesitate to contact me on my phone.

I hope to see you soon,


Ping @Pieter. You up for this?

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Ok! let’s try to book that dinner in boitsfort :grinning:


Hehe, ok, @manuelpueyo, you’ll do this then? I’m also up for it, if needed :wink:

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@Pieter thanks. i keep you posted