TEH88: Where am I in the community story?

This is the follow-up of a workshop for we hosted in Timisoara, at Trans Europe Halles (TEH) Camp on 17 October.

What we learned:

About a new mapping tool for creatives in Timisoara:


Val: With Faber, a new community space in Timisoara, we are trying to re-invent the former chemical plant and re-convert it to creative hub, it’s in the process. It’s a building but it’s important to bring in as many creatives as possible to give real value to the building.

I am part of different communities, we are aiming to bring these different communities who could come up with new concepts together. We look at the success of Edgeryders bringing 5k users, we wanted to have something similar to catalyze the communities here and recognize their value. The online platform is called TeaM2121 - independent movement to help communities connect. To do so, we started with the mapping. Everyone is represented there with their profile, it can be used by anyone to find the creatives in Timisoara.

Pepe: one of the creators of Faber. The physical space can be limiting, but the virtual is not. How can we enjoy more the synergies in the creative hub? We decided to make an online map where you can map the community but also to collaborate and work on joint projects.

Alex: Design principles and decisions we took: everything is modulable. The search bar and sort options, main exploration modules with eleven sectors with organized categories. By selecting the sector you see another module and categories = visual way of seeing the amount of people in each sector. You can go to the next level to see the people. By scrolling you go back to the categories.

Val: the most useful is to see what type of creative work is most prominent in the town, type of interest. Our main role is to spot these things and bring in new resources to encourage more areas, looking in the international areas, spot what is missing in the city. We can do a lot with such a tool.

About Edgeryders as a global community platform:

Presentation in full is available here.

An open platform that supports people to interact, connect and collaborate on topics that they care the most about.
We are doing this because we see that

  1. collaboration is hard
  2. coordination is expensive

We are more than 5000 members working on Edgeryders projects and members individual projects. Why does it work and how YOU can use it:

  • Open sharing of stories => connection
  • Dense interactions & information loops => emerging collective intelligence. You can map the people in a conversation, and also map the topics that they are talking about and the hidden connections between them.
  • Structured workspace => for example, we use it to organise participatory events where people meet each other before they meet in real life.
  • Personal and professional development => find your tribe, feel that you are not alone, fellowships, paid work, project collaborations.

Documentation and your photos are available here: http://bit.ly/TEHcommunitystory

What is your story? Post it and your photo in a reply below!

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I’ll start with my story :slight_smile:


What am I working on?

I’m from Split, Croatia, living in Brussels for the last 3,5 years, currently working with Edgeryders in management of ongoing and initiating new research projects, mostly in the framework of the Horizon2020 programme. Because of my background in arts and culture, I am also part of the Culture Squad and in addition for more than two years now I’m implementing projects and experimenting in my country of origin through an organisation called Culture Hub Croatia. I am particularly interested in sustainable use of empty, abandoned spaces and using cultural and creative sector for development, both social and economic.

What do I need help with?

At Edgeryders, I am learning a lot about how communities are built, about engagement both online and offline and community management as the most relevant part to keep the community “alive”. When it comes to engagement and empowerment of a particular local community in my hometown, the process is longer as the culture of collaboration, ideas sharing or working together, still needs to be created, valued and promoted. It is a learning process, so the help I need refers mainly to bringing in innovative approaches and collaboration opportunities from abroad, showcasing the value and power of working together as a first step towards sustainable communities as carriers of sustainable spaces.

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Two things about me:

I’m Noemi, Romanian living in Brussels, and community director and manager here at Edgeryders. I am also coordinating our Culture Squad - http://culturesquad.org and I wish we take some of the things we’ve learned over the years about innovation into culture, which is a field severely underfunded and unnecessarily competitive! That could be building better platforms for network sharing, supporting networks like TEH and its members to act together as a community - more shared projects and more shared reources. Would you like to think with me about that?

I am trying to reconcile a crisis of values. The reasons to stay for a long time in Romania were because my family and close support system were very warm, I had a loving partner there. And my friends are good friends, it’s just that a clash of values is not something to ignore - even if you dont discuss politics, you may want to travel differently, eat and consume differently, and so it spills into all areas of social life. You can’t ignore it.
The pull factor, to be honest, was the mental transition as I was nearing 30.

I need help with… Understanding what you put in your work and what part of you needs to stay private and healthy. Does anyone have experiences with that?

Ping @CzrSubtopia and @pepe to also share your stories :stuck_out_tongue:

In fact, Noemi, I have no idea what’s going on and why you tagged me at this event :slight_smile: Anyway, it’s very nice.
P.S. by the way, Romania is my great love for years, almost a second homeland

Haha. Oh sorry, I thought you were another Pepe, Spanish architect living in Timisoara.

Do we know each other, or are you new to the platform?

@Pepe is one of the active Polish members of the community, and a great contributor :slight_smile:

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Hi, we don’t know each other. As Natalia said, I’m a member from Poland posting my stories here

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