Template for follow up email to eventbrite registrations for Edgeryders online events

Hello Name,

Thanks for registering to the online session will take place (add appropriate description of date and time e.g next week, Wednesday 3 June at 17:30 CEST (Brussels time)). You will receive the link to the zoom call a day before the event.

Meet HostName, my co-host! We are both food entrepreneurs based in Brussels and together we will share information from the Belgian food scene and abroad, and think about how communities can support food projects.

We are looking forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our event. Before I go any further, let me tell you a little about Edgeryders - the group that puts these events together.

When you join Edgeryders you become part of a community where every time someone shares or posts about a project, like minded peers offer advice or connect it with new information that supports the work of that person. Often it evolves into collaborative projects.

We build a deep experience that no small group or individual could reach on their own through our dense networks. Having a dense network gives you access to expertise, resources, skill sharing and financing.

We join ideas and people to each other, to other knowledge, skills and resources, which means the members of our community gain a richer knowledge and understanding of the issue they wish to tackle and have a blueprint to put their idea into action.

So, ahead of XXX event, we ask that you join the Edgeryders community by signing up here. Introduce yourself to our community in a New Topic in our Campfire and answer some of these questions (add questions relevant to the topic/theme/projectobjective, these below are an example for an event on coworking):

  • what kind of solutions do you see that are being tried? are there interesting success stories amidst struggle?
  • is localisation something that can have an actual impact? will it be able to feed the whole table? Is this model based on time and even burning out, higher quality & more involvement scale-able to the whole society?
  • new opportunities for food projects and specifically how cooperative structures can help.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!